October Haul

November 13, 2015

Hi, today is almost mid of November but no problem laa if I show you my October haul, hehehe. I didn't buy to much makeup and skin care in October because I was confusing to choose what should I buy because I have so many things as my wishlist HAHAHA. Here they are.....
I bought TRESemme Anti Hair fall conditioner because my conditioner is run out but I little bit disappointed because my hair was drying when I used that. So, I bought the same conditioner with my last conditioner, L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 conditioner, it's not the same series but it's the same brand. Thanks God, it save my hair. I also bought Himalaya Neem mask but I forgot to include it in this picture. I was searching for affordable BB cream for 200K makeup challenge and I chose to buy Pixy bb cream because almost review that I read saying good about it. In Indomaret just available one shade so I bought Bright Fix shade. I will review it soon :).
I got full series from Redwin Indonesia as a prize because I won Redwin blog competition. You can read my review about Redwin Sorbolene moisturiser here. Do you curious about Redwin body wash and hand lotion? let me know if you do because I have so many drafts for reviewing product and I don't plan to review it soon. But if you really curious about it, maybe I will consider it :)
When Luxola announced that they had brushes sale. I think that I didn't need a new brush at the time but who can hold from sale,hehehe. Ecotools is one of my favorite brand of brushes so no problem la if I added my brush collection with eye set brush and fan brush. I was using the same brush for blush, bronzer and highlighter but now I have a new fan brush, lalala. I bought maybelline Colorshow True Toffee lipstick too to make it over 200K IDR so I got free shipping,hehe. I realized that it has the same color as make over everlasting kiss (13).  I also purchase Marcks powder for 200K makeup challenge but sometimes I'm using it for everyday. The powder is light, isn't heavy at all, I love it just to mattifying my face, if I don't think to put any complexion layer in my face.
Enough from my October haul, Happy Friday and Don't forget to be happy :)



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  1. aaa aku kelewatan sale nya luxola, padahal mau beli RT brush :3

    1. Iya aku jg pengen beli expert face brushnya rt tp sold out. Subscribe aja biar ga ketinggalan info sale hehe

  2. Baru kemaren aku beli bedak marcks-nya hehehe... tadi pagi aku pakai dan ternyata, persis sama seperti aku pakai dulu pas teenager, nyaman, seenggaknya bikin muka gak kelihatan kayak belum mandi XD

    BTW, nanti review ecotools eye set brushnya ya~ Aku sempet mau beli tapi kok takut karena reviewnya kebanyakan bilang too big~ T^T mata aku amat sangat kecil soalnya T^T

    1. Iyaaa banget ky bedak bayi, sukaaa
      Iyaa sih too big kl matanya kecil, ntar ya aku lg rencana bikin reviewnya kok :)

  3. Bedak Marcks, jadul tapi tetep dipake ya.. (Aku juga gitu hehehe..)
    Ngga berat di kulit wajah sih, apalagi yang kulitnya gampang jerawatan :D

    Sis ikutan First Giveaway Miss OMG YAY yuk :)
    Ada hadiah paket Wardah dan Jam Tangan untuk 10 sahabat yang beruntung..

    Youtube : https://youtu.be/thaIPihTnrU


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