Wednesday Dress Up: Batik Peplum top

September 02, 2015


Who doesn't love batik? As Indonesian I love Batik, but I don't have much batik collections. Recently, I'm craving to buy maybe one or two pieces Batik. Unfortunately, I don't have time to window shopping because my working hours are going crazy :(. If you know online shop which sell batik with good quality and fair price, please let me know :). 
I was too lazy to take an OOTD photo shoot so I opened my old collection photos and I found that in my instagram. However I've posted yet on my blog. 
Top: custom-made 
Skirt: casa elana 
Hijab: kaffah scarf 
I made peplum top  by request in tailor. That's my favorite batik top, I love the cutting of peplum and the material which is so comfortable. I don't know what kind of fabric because honestly, I don't really understand about that. I thought the material is soft, slippery and will be comfortable if I use it. I pick it with my dad XD. It was my first time I'm satisfied with custom-made in tailor. I mix and match with drapery skirt. Color block is still my favorite because unconsciously, I often pick color block when I dress up hehehe. Soft purple, dark purple and orange isn't bad at all, right? hehehe. I think it's not really color block, but sometimes there're some person who are like playing safe when they dress up. But, hey sometimes you shouldn't try to pick clothes which have quite similar colors. Life is too short to wear boring clothes XD.
If you ask what occasion is suitable for this outfit? Please say YAY for working style. You can use flat or heels. Don't ask me to choose, because I will vote for heels :P.
Btw, I just realize if I took photo with less makeup and I think it's not that bad. What do you think? Sometimes, I will try to take outdoor photos with less makeup, because I don't want people are staring at me when I take outdoor photo shoot *lol*.
Hope you enjoy my post :) Happy Wednesday^^



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  1. I wore Batik and Tenun most of the time and many of my friends here love them :)

    1. Wow, I'm glad hear ur story. where do u live?
      Indeed, Batik n tenun are the best xD


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