Monday Quotes (6)

August 31, 2015


I don't know what people see about being different. I'm never trying to be different but I always mess up and end up being a different person in society where I lived. I heard a lot of complaint from them about me. Sometimes I thought that maybe I'm wrong. However, what's wrong if I've different habits or what's wrong when I've different mind or what's wrong if I've different priority or what's wrong if I've different dreams. Sometimes it's hard being different but when I see this quote I just smiled and ya I'm a lucky person. That's why I'm always understanding about the difference. I'm understand if someone is weird, believe me I'm really do. I'm not "nyinyir" person, who is talking bad about weird person. If I like something doesn't mean people should like it too and It's Ok when there is someone who is like something that I don't like. Life is more colorful if there is a difference, right? Just don't feel bad to be different ;)



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