Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation Review

February 06, 2017

Hello, I'm back with a foundation review. I'm glad that I purchased MUFE water blend foundation last year. If you watch my favorite makeup video in 2016 [here], you've already known that I said a lot that I love this foundation, hahahaha. I have an oily combination skin but I don't really like super matte or dead matte finish, I prefer a natural foundation finish, the foundation is still giving a glow to my skin but it isn't too wet or oily, confusing right? :P 
I didn't think that I'll love this foundation as much as I do right now. I just bought that because I saw it launched and the claim said that is water based and waterproof foundation. I don't like using foundation in my everyday look because I hate to touch up my makeup during the day. 

Product's claim
Giving skin fresh, dewy glow with this unrivaled formula that feels so lightweight, sheer and comfortable. It also said that the water-based waterproof  foundation evens out the complexion to leave a natural looking, satin finish. creates with 80% water, this long lasting unique water gel texture naturally hydrates and blends in evenly for a smooth, flawless look.
Those claims blow my mind, when it launched I thought that I need this baby. However, I didn't expect that I'll love this foundation that much. 
MUFE water blend is a new formulation from face and body foundation. I haven't tried face and body so I can't compare them. By the way the packaging is made from plastic, don't worry you can bring this baby anywhere or maybe drop it *LOL*. I chose shade Y305, If I'm not wrong there are 20 shades available but in is only available 7 shades.
The good thing about this foundation is it has 1.69 fl.oz or 50 ml which means the size is bigger than usual foundation size (30 ml).
It has a pump, I think a pump is really important especially for liquid foundation. I hate foundation packaging without pump.
The important thing in foundation is expired date, this foundation will be expired 12 months after it opened. I'm not using foundation everyday so if it says it will expired after 6 months, it seems too quick for me.
The first list in ingredients is water, which means the water take the biggest percentage in foundation.
The texture is liquid but it's more watery. You need to shake the bottle before using it. It smells fresh flowery. To be honest I prefer no fragrance foundation, the smell is quite strong for me, but it isn't annoying at all. It's also giving fresh and cooling sensation when it applied. Because it contains 80% of water, it's the most lightweight foundation that I've ever tried. I feel nothing in my skin, so comfortable, I can say this foundation likes my second skin. It blends easily except with a damp beauty blender because it contains 80% water so I guess It'll absorb in beauty blender. I've tried with stippling brush, oval brush and expert face brush from real technique. 
Maybe it's the minus from this foundation, it has a sheer coverage. You can see at the picture, even I used 3 layers it still couldn't cover anything. You can barely see my spots. For redness it can cover but for severe redness around my nose it can't cover perfectly, but it can't see in picture. However, it works to even out my skin tone. It gives smooth, brighter, glowing finish. How about the oil control? I admit, it doesn't work for holding oils but it also didn't give a dull oily or patchy skin looking when my skin was getting oily. I always set my face using powder and the perfect combination for this foundation is Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Another thing that this foundation highlight is waterproof, if it means it doesn't transfer at all, that's true. However, I still see that this foundation is moved if I washed my face several times, I think it's still tolerable because I can washed my face 4 times a day. It was impossible for foundation to unmoved at all. 
Overall, I'm freaking love this foundation because it gives a smooth, glowing skin finish. Other than that it's very comfortable.
I know that some of you might know about a new foundation applicator tool which is Silisponge/Siliblend. I won't talk about that in this post but in my foundation review video I also did a first impression using Silisponge. I'm not into this tool but in case it's just my opinion. If you wanna know how this foundation works until several hours, you can watch my video☺

The verdict

- the packaging has a pump, is made from plastic, the size is 1.69 fl.oz or 50 ml.
- it's easy to blend
- it's giving fresh and cooling sensation
- it super lightweight and comfortable
- giving a smooth, brighter and flawless looking finish
- waterproof
- sheer coverage
- the oil control is so-so
- it has a strong scent


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