Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum and Divine Face Oil Review

February 22, 2017

Hi, lately I tried a New Zealand brand, which is Antipodes. I'm really enjoy trying this brand. I think my skin love it. I mentioned this brand in my fav skincare video in 2016 [here]. But, I'm not gonna review my favorite product from Antipodes, which is Aura Manuka Honey Mask. The mask has already run out and I forget where I took the file pictures. Okay, let's move to the suspects today, Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum and Divine Face Oil Avocado Oil & Rosehip.
Both have the same style packaging, dark brown bottle with pipette. Typically serum and facial oil bottle. I like the packaging because they put in dark bottle. I think it can protect from anything outside, like direct sunlight, is that make sense?
Apostle Skin Brightening, I was interested with this serum because it says brightening and 100% natural ingredients. I need something gentle for my skin and of course I'm always interested with brightening product hahaha. When I'm writing this, I'm running out this serum, only left a few drops to enjoy.
This serum is the first thing that I bought from antipodes. I feel that my skin more sensitive now, sometimes skin care layers that I put in my face just can't absorb well, I was kinda waste the product because my skin can't drink it. However when I used something natural, it's more acceptable. Btw, watch out the expired date, it's only lasted for 6 months.
The claim and the ingredients suit with my skin condition. My biggest skin problem is dull and uneven skin tone. I was interested because this has benefit for blemishes too. Anything in the claim is just perfect for my skin condition. 
I like the serum texture, water gel texture, smells a nice sweet fruit, maybe It's a grape, I don't know because I'm not great to describe a smell. I was surprise because it has a brownish color. 
My skin drinks the serum well, I feel it absorbed to my skin so fast. My skin is kinda like it. Whatever my skin condition, I have no doubt to still put this serum in my face. I don't really see any noticeable improvement in my uneven skin tone, it did a nice job to brightens my skin but it didn't give an incredible effect. I vaguely notice  my spots were fading. I'm quite happy for blemished, when I got bump, I notice it was calming down without any drying effect in my blemishes in the next morning. What I impressed, it promises to do brightening and blemished in the same time. Normally, I'm resting for brightening serum if I got blemishes. However, it doesn't give super moisturizing feeling, it needs another moisturizing cream or facial oil to layer on. For redness, the effect is only for temporary. I mean during I used this serum, it didn't mean my face it's free from redness, sometimes my redness was getting worse, but it could calming down the redness. I can't say something bad about this serum. It makes my skin looks healthier and I'm really enjoy using this serum. Even though there is no a spectacular effect. But, there isn't an instant way, right?. I'll suggest this serum for a sensitive skin. I have an oily combination skin. But, lately my skin is having a mood swing, become sensitive or dehydration.
I got Divine Face Oil for replacing my trilogy Rosehip oil, I dropped the bottle and it was broke T.T.
Avocado oil has a lot of benefits for skin; as anti ageing, giving a nutrition for skin, antioxidant, sun filter and rejuvenation. On the other hand, rosehip oil can help reduce scars and wrinkles. The oil also contains with macadamia and jojoba oil. That's a great combo. It's also good for any skin condition, either dry or oily skin. I was enjoying Trilogy rosehip oil because it could moisturizing and plumping my skin, without leaving greasy/oily/sticky feeling. 
You can see the yellow greenish oil, it's quite runny. I smell a green tea from it, hahaha I don't know maybe it's avocado smell, but I just think it's a green tea *LOL. The smell is so refreshing, I like it.
If I can be honest I was enjoying trilogy more than antipodes. I know it's different, Trilogy is only contain with rosehip oil but Antipodes is mix from several oils. It's suppose to be more promising for skin. When I was using trilogy in the next morning, I didn't feel sticky/oily in my face, I think that my skin absorb it during the night, even I was using it a lot or sometimes too much. It gave a plump skin effect. I'm not really enjoy Antipodes divine face oil, sometimes I woke up with greasy feeling and made me running to wash my face soon. It does a job for moisturizing my skin, but sometimes I just feel it's too oily for my combo skin. I tried to use only two drops, rub it in my hand then pat it all over my face. That's the best way to get less oily feeling. Now, I've finished half of the bottle but I haven't see anything that incredible with the result. It's not that bad, I mean this oil does a good job for plumping, refreshing and I'm sure it's also contribute to make my skin healthier. I just feel it's too heavy for my oily skin, I prefer more light oil.
Have you tried any product from Antipodes? Lemme know if you have☺I'll try to find Aura Manuka Honey Mask image files , I wanna write the review too.


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