Makeup Tutorial using All of My Favorite Products in 2016

January 25, 2017

Hi, have you seen makeup favorites video in my youtube? If you don't, watch it first here. I know I know It's late but It's better than never. I got an idea for making makeup tutorial using 2016 favorite products when I watched Female daily channel. Lizzia Parra became a guest in their channel and she gave a makeup tutorial with her favorites makeup in 2016. I think it'll fun for making the same video. I've never used all of those products in my face at the same times before even though almost all is the most used in 2016. 
To be honest, I didn't expect anything. So, I quite surprise about the result, I loveee it. Any makeup which I put on my face is my favorite, my comfort zone. I always say that I prefer bold makeup than natural/sweet makeup. However, I realize that the most used makeup of mine is everyday/ natural color makeup, hahaha. I just love to play with bold/dramatic makeup, not really use them in real life, hahaha 
There are 3 products which I didn't mention in my favorite video. Those are face primer, mascara and eye primer. Why I didn't mention them as my favorites makeup in 2016? because, I didn't have products that I was into in 2016. I tried some pore primers and eye shadow primer but they're just so-so in my opinion. For mascara, the one and only mascara that I used in 2016 is Maybelline The Hyper Curl Mascara Volum Express  Waterproof mascara. I like how it can curl and hold my lashes. Because I only tried one mascara, I think that it wasn't fair if I include it in my favorite.

So, here my makeup tutorial video☺
Do you like it? How do you think about the result or my favorite makeup performance?


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