Best & Worst High End Foundation for Oily Skin

January 12, 2017

Hi, I hate to say it's still highlight 2016. But,it is! hahaha. I'm a foundation sucker, so last year I purchased some high end foundations. Fine, it isn't that much I just got 4 foundations. But, I think it's quite enough to share which one I like the most and the worst.
Even, I got my favorite one, of course this year I'll explore more foundation, I promise I'll explore drugstore and local brand this year. Because complexion is the most important thing in makeup, in 2016 I only paid attention in high end foundation. I'm not being arrogant or being glamorous girl but I really want a flawless complexion✌
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I'll mention first from my most and less favorite!
1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Foundation (Y305) 
This is my favorite foundation in 2016. You can watch the reason why I like it in my favorite makeup video during 2016 here. This is the most lightweight foundation which I've tried. The finish look is looking like skin but better, I get healthy glowing skin with this foundation. However, anything comes with pros and cons, this foundation has very sheer coverage. It isn't sheer as cc cream but for foundation I would say it has very sheer coverage. I don't have a flawless skin but my skin problems are normal, I didn't have acne area that really need a full coverage foundation. I hate when people can notice that I'm wearing foundation when I did makeup so this foundation finish is giving what I want as foundation. I still can use concealer for area that can't cover. I have oily skin so oil control is important, I can say this foundation is good because this foundation is waterproof and sweat proof. It'll give dewy than matte finish, but the finishing isn't too dewy, it's just giving healthy skin looking. Do you want in deep review for this foundation, please lemme know☺
2. SHU UEMURA Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation (754/medium beige)
This is my 2nd favorite foundation in 2016. This foundation has full coverage finish, I love this foundation if I need super flawless and full coverage looking. I've reviewed this foundation here. So, I don't wanna talk much about this, you can check my review.
3. NARS SHEER GLOW FOUNDATION (Stromboli/medium 3)
I'm not into this foundation because it was fail in my oily skin. But, I know it isn't wrong with the foundation because this is for dry to normal skin. This foundation is also lightweight, it feels like nothing even it has dewy looking finish, it doesn't feel wet at all. But, the oil control is really bad for me, I haven't been brave enough using it for go out. This foundation is transfer (It was transfer in my hijab) and oxidize. But, the pros is it gives the best camera skin looking finish. My skin is super flawless in camera, I didn't need to edit with Photoshop anymore.So, I still think to keep this foundation because this is great for making video, hahaha.
4. YSL Fushion Ink Cushion Foundation B30
I'm really sorry but this is my worst foundation in 2016. Why? I have a high expectation of this cushion. I don't like cushion because it gives glowing skin finish that I feel that cushion always too dewy and fair in my skin. But, YSL say that it's a cushion foundation. A lot of people rave about it and said it's matte. Okay, it has medium to full coverage but it didn't matte at all, it gave dewy finish and I don't like it. It's also oxidize and I got shade lighter than my skin. If it's oxidize, it would give blotchy and looks so iyuuuh, hahaha. It isn't transfer as Nars but it's transfer if I wipe my face with tissue. The oil control is also not really good at all. I'm really disappointed buying this cushion, I just curious why many people said good about it. Don't get me wrong I love YSL, it's such a luxury brand, the touch eclat concealer is all times favorite concealer for under eyes.

I'm giving the explanation in Bahasa on my video too, go check it out☺
If you want in deep review for each of them just lemme know in the comment below, before I go with another foundation this year, hehe


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