Shu Uemura face architect smooth fit fluid foundation Review

August 15, 2016

Hi, let's talk about makeup base today.  Makeup base that I mean in here is foundation. I've never got enough of foundation, it means I'm too picky about foundation and I like to buy more and more until I get the perfect one. I prefer foundation than bb, cc or maybe dd cream. Of course, foundation that I like is liquid foundation. I know bb/ cc cream/ tinted moisturizer seems more lighter and will give more glowing effect. But I think I prefer if I can get the more coverage and the matte one. So, the one which I wanna talk about today is Shu uemura face architect smooth fit fluid foundation. Btw, I know about this foundation from Lizzie Parra's video, she is a famous MUA in Indonesia and she's also a blogger and a youtuber. Because I know that she always have a good eyesight on makeup so I believe with her choice as well *lol. She said that this foundation will be good for oily or dry skin. Of course, this one is tempting to try for a foundation sucker like me, hehehe. So, let's jump into the review :)
I think the first impression is packaging. I don't really mind about the glass bottle of packaging. Somehow, it's bit fragile but I don't mind it.  
The claim:
Smooth fit fluid foundation glides on,blending into skin for a flawless looking canvas finish allowing you to effortlessly achieve make-up artist quality beauty at home. The new precise fit formula envelops skin for a translucent complexion and satin finish. This spectacular moisture-rich foundation also veils skin to lock in moisture to maintain healthy looking skin. Achieve an effortless pro-finish, comfortable fit and flawless looking complexion.
It has a plastic pump, I think it's my favorite kind of packaging for liquid foundation. Based on sanitary, I prefer the pump one than tube squeeze out packaging. 
The key of flawless looking foundation is also based on the tool that you use or how you apply it. Maybe, it could be suck if your brush isn't good enough. For my oily combination skin with huge pores around nose and cheeks area, I was quite frustrating to get the perfect tools for getting the flawless looking finish. Because, I bet that this foundation would be good on me so I always blamed my brushes or sponge if I got the streaky finish on my bigger pores area.
I tried expert face brush and stippling brush from real technique. The stippling brush was out of my way because it caused streaky finish. While, the expert face brush is fine if I used a tiny amount layer, but if I layered up I got the cakey and heavy skin looking *kelihatan medok banget*. The mess looking wasn't stay that long, after 1 hour the foundation would blend nicely into my skin. But, c'mon! who is like to get cakey finish at the first application? So, I tried beauty blender, I used dry beauty blender and it gave me the same finish with the expert face brush, damn it! :(. Then, I got an idea for using a damp beauty blender and finally I can get a flawless looking skin without cakey even I used some layers of it.
I didn't take my beauty blender in this picture above because my beauty blender is freaking dirty *lol. Btw, I took oval brush picture in it because I bought that some days ago and I tried it too for SU foundation and surprisingly, it gave a smooth looking finish.
Maybe if you stayed in UK or Europe you can get 15 of different shades but in Indonesia I guess it's only available in 8 different shades. I went to shu uemura store to get the perfect shade and mine is 754 or medium beige. I guess it's similar to MAC NC 30. However, I bought this one on around 700000 IDR.
The ingredients
When I read the ingredients, I felt bit disappointed because there is alcohol in there. I don't refuse alcohol but I feel better if it doesn't include alcohol. But, I think is quite difficult to get free alcohol on foundation, isn't it? I don't know I didn't expert about ingredients thing.
This foundation has SPF 18 as daily sun protection, even I prefer to put sunscreen layer anytime I go out but I love to use SPF foundation as guarding if someday I forget to put my sunscreen.
You're better to shake before use and this foundation will expired 12 months after you opened it.
The texture is liquid tend to creamy, it isn't runny. It's lightweight and blend able, believe me! even I was suck with some tools but it's still blend able. 
It will give a smooth and satin or semi matte finish. It still gives glow on my face and of course my face doesn't look flat. If you have oily combination skin but sometimes you still got dry patches if you're using matte looking finish of foundation, believe me it won't. I prefer to semi matte or matte foundation looking but some brands gave me some dry patches. Because the texture is so creamy and fluid, you should use apply it sparingly, and apply more if you need to. Like I said before it's quite tricky if you want to layer it up. If you're looking for brush, the dense brush is better.
The coverage is medium, it covers my redness and some spots but my damn pimple can't covered. My skin doesn't have a lot of problems, for problematic skin, you still need a good concealer. I prefer use it without pore primer, I just felt that my skin was smoother without pores silicon primer. I haven't tried another kind of primer.
I took this picture with flash and you see, it won't cause white cast picture looking. I set it with a translucent powder.
How long this foundation will stay? I think it based on condition if I did indoor activity it stayed until 5 hours without looking oily. But, If I go for outdoor activity, maybe 3 hours my T zone look little bit dewy not oily, but dewy means there is oily in there *lol. What I love about this foundation is the longer the foundation set into my skin it will give a better and better looking finish. It seems more natural looking by hours you're applying it and of course it doesn't oxidize at all. You can see the prove on my video because I was too lazy for taking picture after hours application for review purpose, hehehe.
What I don't like about this foundation it doesn't give me 'like a second skin finish', I know it's medium coverage foundation, what can I expect. Even I prefer with medium than sheer coverage, somehow I dream about medium coverage foundation with second skin finish. Of course, it's still look natural, it just isn't enough to call my second skin *lol.

The verdict

- the pump bottle packaging
- the shades isn't  a lot but I can get my shade HAHAHA
- semi matte or satin finish
- light weight and blend able
- it gives smooth finish on my pores
- medium coverage
- the oil control is quite good in my oily skin
- doesn't cause white cast with flash photography
- it's quite tricky when I was layering up
- even it still look natural, it doesn't give second skin finish.

Have you tried this foundation? do you like it? Lemme know in the comment below :)



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