RCMA No-Color Powder Review for Oily Skin

August 25, 2016

Hi, I uploaded RCMA powder review maybe a week ago in my youtube chanel but I just get a chance for review it now. Maybe some of you haven't heard about RCMA, I know this brand from Kathleen light, she is my favorite youtuber. How can I don't adore her, she's so young and successful, even she's younger than me*LOL. As beauty enthusiast who doesn't know her. She did reviews almost all beauty brands in the market. When she said in her video that this powder is really great. Of course, without doubt I wanna try it right now *LOL. The important thing this isn't high end brand and she said it's a dupe from Laura Mercier translucent powder. You know, I really really want to try LM translucent powder but for buying high end brand I need to think is the product worth the money or not. Believe me, if you see me I got some high end brands in my lists, I've thought about these many times before I decided to buy them. 
Back to RCMA, Kathleen said this powder is even better than LM. She also said this is the best powder that she ever used, tempting? haaa. So, I was hurry to buy it. FYI, I bought that in belanjamimo.com and I paid IDR 300000 ($12). I prefer to use translucent powder than compact powder. I feel that compact powder is unnatural and thicker. I just need something to set my foundation. The question is this powder worth the hype? I think after Kathleen rave this powder, RCMA is booming in the market, hahaha. To be clear, I haven't tried Laura mercier yet so I don't compare them in this review.
RCMA is a brand for makeup artists. Literally. Standing for The Research Council of Makeup Artists, RCMA was created by Vincent JR Kehoe. A legendary makeup artist, his goal was to create a brand that provided professional quality makeup products specifically for film, television, and theater. Of the RCMA highly regarded products, the RCMA No Color Powder is a beauty staple that is in the kit of every makeup artist in the industry. [www.thedermreview.com]
As always, I will start with the packaging. To be honest, the packaging doesn't impress me at all. Fine, it isn't high end brand but could you make the packaging is more attractive, likes really? it looks a like a pepper or salt bottle hahaha. However, I bought this because Kathleen and I chose to non sense with the packaging *LOL. It's made by plastic transparent with the black cap so you can see the color of powder in there.
The thing that annoy me is it has some huge holes in the cap, hahaha. I'm so sorry but I was confusing how I took this powder out. The holes are quite big, if you notice in my video some of dust fallen into my hijab. When I used this powder, my cloth or my hijab was dirty with the powder dust *LOL
To be honest I have high expectation with this brand, it isn't just because Kathleen but the claim too. The claim seems my perfect powder which I was looking for. The ingredients are just Talc and Silica.
I was little bit skeptic about white powder, I prefer they give maybe a little yellow tone in translucent powder but it says no color powder, right? I didn't need to worry about that.
The particles aren't dusty and I smell nothing in it. To be honest I can't describe about the smooth rate of this particles, everybody said this powder is smooth, if I touched with my fingers of course it's smooth. When I compared with others translucent powders which I have it's just the same. But, to be sad, it doesn't fill my skin texture as well. My lines look more visible with this powder. Btw, I have oily combination skin. I have huge pores in T zone and hardly to say I have some lines in under eyes area *LOL. On these parts, this powder just doesn't fill my skin. If I zoomed it I could see all of my lines and pores. I tried this with baking technique and that's horrible, especially my pores, I definitely can see my pores. If you know my pores in cheeks area don't like small holes but if I touch those area, it has the texture, I can feel it*hoping you know what I mean.
Then I leaved a baking technique and just dusting this powder all over my face. That was better than baking because the powder didn't cook my pores *LOL. However, I still see my lines all over my face, oh forget to mention the finish look is dead matte. After that, I tried to bake only under my eyes, because I don't like dead and flat matte finish all over my face. It seems that I'm not have the same thought with anyone who reviewed it. But, if you really search for good setting powder, this powder has a great oil control. RCMA set my makeup all day, definitely all day long. I have oily combination skin, I want a great setting powder that can set my makeup all day but I don't wanna look horrible with all of lines are visible and I prefer satin matte finish not dead matte finish. For flash photography, it doesn't cause white cast looking. I mentioned earlier that I was confusing about white color in it but it's fine it's really translucent even though it was brighter that my yellow tone setting powder. However, it blend nicely on my skin shade. I think it will great for any kind of shade.

The verdict

- cheaper than Laura Mercier
- has a great oil control
- if your under eyes are very oily this will set that area all day without a doubt, at least It did for me. This is the only powder that I've tried and work for that area.
- the packaging looks cheap
- doesn't fill my skin texture
- dead matte finish *I'm sorry if I have kind of description for matte finish by myself #LOL
Is this powder worth the hype? I'm so sorry, hardly to say I'm disappointed spent IDR 300000 for this powder :(

I did review in Bahasa on my video, please go check it if you prefer review in bahasa :) Have you tried this powder? I really wanna know what're you thinking about this powder because I haven't the same thought with almost of review that I googled it :D



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