Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion Review

August 22, 2016

Hi, Before it's run out I wanna share my thought about Nuxe Gentle Toning lotion! I think it's a great product, but when I did a quick googling, I'm quite difficult to find in depth review about it. Honestly, I purchased this without did a tiny research, I mean I wasn't googling it. That's what usually I do before purchase any product. I heard Nuxe from some beauty influencers and female daily members. That time, I really needed a hydrating toner and I clicked a keyword toner in my favorite online shop which is I found this product and I read this is Alcohol free, then ya I decided to buy it. While I'm writing this review, I'm running out this toner, it only left maybe two drops. So, without much talk let's jump into the review ;)
I'm in love with the color of packaging, I don't really like pink but soft pink! kill me for this color *so girly ya hahaha. For the bottle is just a basic liquid skin care product. It comes with 200 ml size and I think it will last around 6 months. I'm regularly using it for day and night as a hydrating toner.
Even this bottle only comes with a hole, but I think it takes enough control of  drops that you need it. It made by plastic material so you don't need to worry for bringing it anywhere. The problem is only the size is too big for traveling. I rarely bring it for traveling but sometimes I brought that because my face was freaking dry while I must go out for many days. Anyway, I think this bottle is enough slim so you can put in between your clothes. 
I forgot to mention that Nuxe is France brand. This product is for dry and sensitive skin, Thanks God I didn't mention it before so I decided to bring it home, my skin is oily combination. However, I can say it's good for any skin types. This gentle toning lotion with Rose Petals soothes, refreshes and puts the finishing touch to make-up removal. The lotion doesn't contain alcohol, and doesn't dry skin. The reason I bought this because they give an Alcohol free claim. I used toner which contains from Alcohol before Nuxe and I felt guilty about it even alcohol didn't make my skin breakout.
Contains at least 95% natural ingredients (including Rose Water). 
No parabens. 
Hypoallergenic fragrance specifically developed for sensitive skin. 
When I read the ingredients, what did you say? There are Benzyl Alcohol and Glycerin in it, It isn't Alcohol free. But, chills ladies both are an organic alcohol, they also can be found in many fruits and vegetables. So, I felt relieved. Now, I choose to pay more attention about ingredients, because sometimes beauty products are over claims, right? I try to google it even I'm not expert about that. Google is the best answer for curiosity *LOL.
It's call toning lotion, in my mind lotion is thicker than water. However, the texture is water it seems like tea drops. The most mentioned about this toner is the smell is so good. They were true, I'm not kidding, it smells kind of mix between rose and tea. I'm not rose fragrance into, I'm not a fan of  rose smell at all but it's divine. The smells is light but it's freaking good, calming, and kind of refreshing my mind in pm routine. I like to smell it over and over again while I'm applying it into my skin. The sensation is cooling and refreshing, I felt like any harsh things that I put in my face just gone *LOL. I like using this toner after cleansing. My face also feel moisturize if I felt my face is bit dry because the cleanser. This toner is also so damn good if your face feels dry in Air Conditioner (AC) room. I know the reason why this toner is perfect for dry skin. But, I have oil combination skin but I don't regret bought this toner. I also used this after peeling or acid toner and I didn't feel tingling, itchy or any bad reaction. For long term uses, I didn't notice any change in my skin but I thought this is good for complete my skin care routine. When I was too tired I just cleansing my face, using this toner and first essence then I go to sleep *LOL. For oily combination problems, of course It didn't took any effect, likes minimizing pores or diminishing my oil production but the claim wasn't for it, right? It also took residue on my face after cleansing, it wasn't that great for that but I mentioned it took some dirt things that left on my face. Now, I'm confusing should I repurchase this or not? Because so many skin care brands wishlist that I love to try *LOL

The verdict

- in love with soft pink packaging
- the smell is divine, mix of light rose and tea
- I got gentle feeling for skin, fresh, cooling, calming and moisturizing effect
- it contains a big size so it isn't travel friendly. I think I will need it if I'm on the plane and my face is dry. So, Nuxe please makes the small size one hehehe.

If you have dry skin, believe me you will love this toning lotion, I don't have any idea about sensitive skin because sensitive skin is quite tricky for choosing skincare product. If you have oily skin, you will like it too but it won't give any solution for your oily skin problem, but I say it's great for completing your skincare routine. 

Even it's France brand, you can buy it online at I also have discount code for anyone who spend IDR 250000, enter SBNLACP0 so you can get IDR 50000 off. My wishlist is Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm, but for lip balm is too pricey for me huhuhu. 



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