June & July Haul 2016

August 05, 2016

Hi, it's a haul time!  If I'm not beauty blogger or beauty enthusiast haul seems so silly. Why someone took pictures of her beauty shopping and show to the world? is that for show off? HAHAHA. Of course not, because I like to see someone haul so I think many girls or women out there will love to see my haul *lol. It's kind of trend update, products that someone pick in every month, if there're a lot of women pick the same product, this means the product is going to hits in the market. So, those're my haul for two month, June and July. Last two months were hectic, both were holy month for muslim and I took a break for a while, so I forgot which I bought in June and which ones July. I decided to show both of them. Please enjoy my haul *LOL
From the makeup range;
1. Lorac Pro Palette 1, finally I have a famous palette, to be honest I don't have famous palette likes Naked palette, chocolate bar, ABH palette because I think Indonesian brand for eyeshadow is amazing. I wanna buy them but I think all just too pricey for me. I'm better spend my money for complexion or skincare products. However, I saw this palette on sale and "I think I should buy it now" and I bought it last month in lebaran sale *always be my excuse for shopping :P*
2. Lavie lash best seller value pack, I got from Sociolla.com. Believe me, this is really best value pack for any occasion. 
3. RCMA no color powder, I was searching for great translucent powder. I wanna try the high end one, likes chanel or laura mercier but I saw it in Kathleenlights video. She rave this powder and I chose to buy this one before go with the high end.
4. Shu uemura face architect foundation, I chose shade medium beige. All the time, I'm searching for great foundation for oily skin. Because I haven't found a holy grail yet, I haven't stop to try any different brands until I found the perfect one I think. 
Skin care and hair care haul;
1. Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo No Silicon. Just my basic need, maybe you're bored with this shampoo, I mention it a lot HAHAHA.
2. L'oreal Fall Resist 3X Conditioner, I'm a basic for hair care so if you know the great conditioner with ya affordable price please lemme know :)
3. Bravura London Glycolic acid 10%, I'm obsessed with this one. I wouldn't write a lot about it, you can watch my video and I promise I will review it soon. Btw, it's a home peel product but it's super light chemical peeling.
4. Antipodes apostle skin-brightening & tone-correcting serum. I've been trying out some of Antipodes products lately. Even it's bit pricey I think they're worth to try.
5. Veet Hair Removal, just my basic need for underarm treatment.
6. Biodema Hydrabio Brume, my favorite product during Ramadhan. I got this as goodies from Bioderma Indonesia, so thank you Bioderma, seems my skin likes your new product a lot :)
7. Sukin foaming facial cleanser, another Australian natural brand which I've been trying. I've tried facial cleanser and scrub, nothing fancy or great improvement but I like the natural ingredients in it.
8. Antipodes Aura Hanuka Honey Mask, Yay this is another Antipodes which I've been trying now. I'm using this mask almost everyday, review it soon :)
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Have a great Friday!



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