Bioderma Hydrabio Brume Soothing Refreshing Water Review

August 19, 2016

HI, If someone is asking me a question what the essential thing when you're living in the tropical country? I will definitely say sunscreen and face spray. I'm currently living in the equator city, can you imagine the weather here? is freaking damn hot. In the middle of afternoon, face spray is kind of heaven *LOL. Maybe 2 months ago Bioderma sent me their new product, Hydrabio Brume Soothing Refreshing Water. This range is for a sensitive skin, I feel safer if trying a new product which is for sensitive skin, even though I don't have a sensitive skin. I think that sensitive skin product has safer ingredients *just my thought #LOL. Bioderma is the brand which is famous with the micelar water and I'm a big fan of Bioderma Micelar water. Of course, when I knew about this range, I felt really exciting to try it. So, if you're curious too with this product, let's jump into the review!
I got the blue box with printed sentence "Have You Refreshed Your Skin Today?". I like the blue theme in Hydrabio Brume Series. I got in 50 ml, with spray bottle of course. The material of packaging is made by can. This size is travel friendly, there is a bigger one which is 300 ml. However, I think I like the small one because face spray is a thing that I bring anywhere and anytime.
They claim it gives immediate comfort and freshness for your sensitive skin. The good thing Hydrabiobrume is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, preservative-free. Talking about the benefit of soothing refreshing water, they said;
  • Relieves the sensation of burning, itching (sunburn, razor burn, irritation, post dermatological procedure, etc)
  • Instantly refresher
  • Facilitates makeup remover
  • Removes the excess of treatment mask
  • Guarantees perfect tolerance
They also said about a point plus of this product which is included isotonic formula, so the skin can be left to dry naturally without dabbing.

You can spray as often as necessary, like I said before, you can just leave it and the water will drying by it self, don't need to dub with tissue or something.
I'm interested with D.A.F [ Dermatological Advance Formulation] and I got information that it's patented as natural complex, that will helping to increase the epidermis tolerance threshold in the event of external stress. Wooo, sounds impressing right?
So, after knowing about product information earlier, how's about me, do I like it? Yeeees, I do like it. This is my savior and my favorite, especially throughout of holy month Ramadhan. This is helping me to maintaining skin moisture. It's face spray so there isn't an special long term improvement in my skin but last month my skin is dehydrated and anytime I think that my face need moisturizer I sprayed it into my face. My skin felt so fresh and it was giving me an instant moisturizing effect. This product also makes me always stay in a good mood during a hot day. I also used this before I put face oil for night routine, it made face oil can absorb well. Don't wait until it dry, massage face oil throughout your face. Believe me, duo combination is really good, no feel sticky even only for a while.
Where you can buy this product?
Now days, people feel more comfortable to buy anything online, so do I. I love to shop anything online and free shipping is the important thing. So, if you wanna buy Bioderma Hydrabio Brume Soothing Refreshing Water online, I suggest you to buy at (click). I also have a special discount code for you :)
For offline, you can buy it at drugstore :)
How much does it cost?
IDR 99000  for 50 ml
IDR 219000  for 300 ml

The verdict


  • refreshing my skin
  • giving me an instant moisturizing anytime my skin feel dehydrated
  • the small one is travel friendly, I can bring it anywhere
  • giving a good mood during a hot day


  • so far, I haven't found it

Last but not least, I say this product is worth to try :)



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