Novexpert Expert Lifting Eye Contour Review

July 24, 2016

Hai everyone, what's your biggest afraid about skin when you're leaving 20? I guess it's definitely wrinkles are starting to come out *LOL. I have oily skin but under eyes area is totally drying, so that area should I concern first. Honestly, when the first time I purchased eye treatment/ cream I don't really care what it's, I just love to add some moisturizer on my under eyes that I concern for wrinkles. But time goes, unfortunately I didn't really see any improvement of my under eyes. My wrinkles are more visible day by day. I admit it that I have really really bad habit about sleep, I always sleep overnight :(. Of course, that makes it's getting worse. So, I tried some eye cream brands and I haven't satisfied yet. However, this product that I wanna show you today is the last eye treatment brand which I use. So let's get into it :)
This product comes from Novexpert, if you never hear about it I will give a short explanation about this brand.
"Novexpert is the brand based on medical research that was created by a team of four French doctors, who are recognized experts and researchers in the skincare industry. Novexpert has unisex range with the first anti-aging care range guaranteed and Ecocert certified 100% natural in origin a true innovation. In hope Novexpert would give you the result of the most effective anti-aging formulations that suitable for sensitive skin as well as safe for long term use.
Novexpert is an unique brand with 100% non-toxic biodegradable and certified 100 hypoallergenic, and uses a natural system of preservation. Novexpert formulas are focused and developed for optimal prevention, correction, targeting wrinkles, deep wrinkles, skin tone dyschromia, acne, and blemish-prone skin."
To be honest, I didn't purchase this product because the claim, but I was searching for eye cream, I didn't want to buy the cheapest or go with the expensive one. I bought that at and I found this product has average price. I was totally random when I bought that, I search the review but only few that I could find it :D.
At first, I definitely love this packaging, I like the black and white concept on this packaging just so sturdy and simple. I purchased kind a pot eye cream before it and I thought that was unhygienic when I should take the cream with my hand. But, this packaging comes with bottle and also it has a pump. I think this packaging is more hygienic, right? :D
This is the pump looks a like :) Because I just need a little amount of it, so the pump helps me a lot to control how much product that should I pull out.
Novexpert – Expert Anti-Ageing Eye Contour. Ultra-high performance active ingredients to illuminate the eyes: chlorella (anti-dark-circle), green tea (decongesting) and plant pulp (lifting). A concentration of exceptionally high-performance anti-aging ingredients that target DNA and collagen for in-depth skin regeneration. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically-tested
The claim is so tempting for wrinkles, right? Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Booster and Tensor Complex, with no preservatives, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, and Silicon.
I usually apply this in tiny amount around my eyes area with a simple massage :)
I don't think that is 100% natural origin, because there is Butylene glycol. Maybe the percentage that use in this product isn't harmful for skin, but I don't think that is natural origin, Butylene glycol is derived from petroleum. 
The texture is liquid and light. I didn't feel it's sticky at all. That's also easy to absorb. It smells like coconut. I'm not fan of it but that's fine because the smell isn't really strong.
That was my under eyes condition before I used Novexpert Lifting Eye Contour :) You can see some lines there.
I also have hollow eyes and you can see the wrinkles more visible here :(
To be honest, I didn't notice the improvement until I see this picture. I've used it regularly mostly at night almost for 4 months. I don't know you will see it or not, but I think that the lines reduced, don't you?
In different angle, I think the hollow of my eyes is still visible but the wrinkles reduced. I'm so glad because I never thought that it will work for long term uses. What I feel after using this, my under eyes is very moisturizing and I love how it feel instantly. However, I really don't think it works after regularly uses. But it did and I'm so glad ;)

The Verdict

- The packaging is simple and has the pump.
- The texture is liquid, light, easy to absorb and isn't sticky at all.
- It's moisturizing my under eyes
- The wrinkles is reduced for regularly and long term uses

- maybe it's bit difficult to get in Indonesia. But don't worry you can get it online at You  also get benefit IDR 50000 off, using UK50 code when you're checkout, with minimum purchase IDR 200000.

Wanna trying another eye treatment? of course, I do :) So, What's your favorite eye cream/ treatment? please lemme know :)



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