Holi Cat Sexy Cat Sexy Gray Softlens Review

June 09, 2016

Hi, today I wanna talk about softlens. I'm not using softlens everyday but I feel that softlens if my savior look. My face has already changed if I'm using lens even I didn't do makeup. I jumped into different brands because I wanna try them how they look on my face. I've struggling with some of them. I didn't feel comfortable with some of them. How about Holi Cat? Let's jump into it :)
Geolica Holi Cat is a Korean brand. I bought this lens after I read a review from +Ririe Prameswari . It looks very pretty on her and I bought it in Lensza.co.id 
I chose lensza because it's the cheapest from others online shop. Unfortunately, I didn't get lens case. I hope it would include in the box.
This lens contains from 42% water. I prefer for wearing thin softlens, low water content lens. When I was beginning to use softlens I think that I would feel comfortable if I'm using high water content lens. After I tried some of brands I feel more comfortable with low water content lens.
Geolica Holi Cat Sexy Cat
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 42%
Life span: 6 months
Power: (0.00) Plano
Color: Sexy gray
I read that life span of Holi Cat softlens is only 1 month but I was so happy that it can use until 6 months. Again, I know this information from Ririe's blog, she said that Holicat confirmed that their softlens can use until 6 months.
Lucky me, I still have softlens case. I've used it for 6 months and I was fine. So, I guess information about six months life span is true.
The color is dark gray, so it didn't really different my my eyes color. It was very natural in my eyes. I don't know about others color but if you're looking for dolly look, this isn't what you're looking for.
The pattern is so pretty, it's still perfect for everyday uses. 
my eyes without softlens. 
You can see the enlargement for both picture above. I think that the enlargement isn't that big and quite natural. My eyes feel comfortable using holicat, maybe I can stand without an eye drops until 4-5 hours. I was using this all day, until 10.00 pm, yah I put some eye drops but overall is fine. I plan to repurchased others color, maybe lovely choco. 
What's your favorite softlens brand?



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