Visiting Singkawang: CAP GO MEH 2016

March 22, 2016

Hi everyone, I wanna share my last trip because my pictures are too beautiful if I just kept in my album *LOL. Kidding, I just wanna share about one of Indonesia culture tourism which is cap go meh festival,  this is a part of Chinese year celebration. Cap go meh celebration held in February 22, 15 days after Imlek. I went to Singkawang by bus, but if you wanna visit Singkawang, start from Jakarta, you can choose flight from Jakarta to Pontianak, after that you can go to Singkawang by car, around 3 hours. I spent two days in Singkawang. FYI, during cap go meh festival, you will be difficult to book hotel online like in (travel online site), but it doesn't matter if you go by tour package. Moreover, the hotel price would increase than usual. The day before Cap Go meh festival, I went to Bougenville park. I went there by motorcycle and I arrived to Bogenville park after 45 minutes journey, if you guys know, the road in Kalimantan isn't that good.
To be honest, the place wasn't that worth with the long journey to the park and the ticket is 30000 IDR *I think this is quite pricey for small park, maybe it's more properly called a garden :P.
Don't get me wrong, the park is still pretty, It isn't just what I'm expected. Let's strolling at the park :)
One of Bougenville, but I didn't find them as many as I was expected. This is a flower park but the flowers aren't that much.
There is a small lake in the center of the park. You can ride a canoe, but you should rowing the canoe by yourself. I didn't try to ride the canoe because I wasn't sure that I can rowing the boat as well *lol.
Seems enjoyable, right? exactly, I wanna take a picture in the center of the lake but I didn't wanna ride the canoe.
Honestly, the park is quite small. There is an open karouke in there and I could hear the sound when I explored the park.
Bougenville site, the most plant in there is a tree * I mean a huge tree not bougenville, just some spots where I found them.
This place is great for family picnic
OOTD *as always
I went to the festival place to see lampions where is in Pasar Hongkong. That night is very crowded, everyone seems went to there to see the lampions or checking/ preparing for tomorrow.
In Pasar Hongkong there is a vihara, I don't know maybe it is the biggest vihara in there and beside the vihara there is a mosque.
The mosque is quite big and I spent times in there because the night before cap go meh is rainy. 

Cap go meh day....

I suggest you to buy the ticket festival before that day, if you don't, you will be clueless what you should do, because it was so crowded during the festival. I don't know if they sell the ticket online or not. But, I guess the ticket is arrange by Pesona Indonesia. I didn't buy a ticket before it because it was the first time, I'm watching cap go meh and I didn't know if it must buy a ticket. I guess everyone can watch the festival for free. Of course, you do, but if you're going to Singkawang to watch the festival you're better to buy it. The ticket is 150000 IDR. I think this is worth.
There are girls who welcome the guest. They're from 3 different cultures which are Dayak, Melayu and Chinese. I was looking like a child, isn't it? :P I wasn't in mood using heels and the girls were using the freaking high heels*LOL.
The festival held at 9 am until 11 am, if you wanna know the festive of cap go meh festival, you can see all of my pictures below or you can watch my video :) *Pictures describe much better that words, isn't it ? :D
He called tatung, the man who is tingling by long needle. You will find kind like that a lot in this festival.
Beside chinese culture, Dayak ethnic was also taking a part in this festival.
You know what, my favorite about Cap Go Meh is the colors, I love color combination in every dresses, stretcher, banners/flags, lampions and any property that they used. The color dominant is red but they also have yellow that really pretty and bright, green, gold, and black. I'm amaze with a great Barongsai performance. Honestly, I felt little bit creepy seeing tatung, hearing the music and another spirit things. Cap Go Meh festival in Singkawang held every year and so far as I know, this is the largest in Southeast Asia. 
My beauty tips if you wanna watch Cap Go Meh, prepare for anything which can protect you from UV, not only sunblock/sunscreen but you can bring sunglasses, hat, maybe umbrella or shawl or face mask. I didn't really prepare anything so my skin is tanned now, of course I used sunscreen SPF 50 but It wasn't that enough. The best for  avoiding it, is covering entire your body/face *LOL.
Speaking of culinary, I didn't capture much and I didn't try a lot of food here too. I just ate "mie kering" in two places, where are Haji Amin, I think this place is quite popular because it comes first when I was googling it and Pasar Hongkong, it seems kind of street food. The taste almost the same. If you're curious about How it looks/ tastes? mie kering, I don't know if I can call dry noodle or not -,- it's kind a chicken noodle aka mie ayam but it doesn't have broth and the noodle is tinier that mie ayam, the topping is more various than mie ayam. Almost forgot, I also went to Bukit Mas to lunch and I love this place, the restaurant on the hill and open air, this is the perfect place for lunch and chilling. 
That's all from my trip, if you're curious more, you can watch my video. I'm so sorry this is the first time I made vlog so lots of shaking in the video.
Have you visit Singkawang? Please lemme know if you wanna visit Singkawang or you've already visited Singkawang :)



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  1. wow thanks for sharing this place. no go HK many nvr go before.

  2. The chap goh meh here is really different from Penang!

  3. Replies
    1. Iya semoga tahun depan bisa visiting sinkawang dan lihat cap go meh :)

  4. Oh wow! Your photos really look very nice. I love the lake in the garden. Really surprised to see that Chap Goh Mei is celebrated in such a big fashion! We don't really have festivals for Chap Goh Mei

    1. Thank you :)
      Ya the lake is the prettiest thing in the garden :)
      Yes, even they dont focus on dresses but that's such a great fashion show
      Everything is so colorful

  5. wow very happening event there. Like your pictures

  6. wow this place is unexpectedly beautiful!! :D and the celebration is really huge there

  7. Wow dekat Malaysia pun ada cap goh meh. Bunga kertas is well known juga dekAt Malaysia or aka Bougainville should visit my mom's house she has many with those flowers but the event are really colorful and so meriah ! Hey you look so cute la with the size... I bet we have same size here. Hehehhe

    1. Iya bougenville is called bunga kertas too here.
      Wooo your mom garden seems so beautiful
      Hahaha petite girl is cuter right? :P

  8. Love the park area, so peaceful

  9. Interesting to know the festive mood of Chap Goh Meh in Indonesia.

  10. What a great place. Never been here before. I shall ask my friend in Indonesia bring me there when I visit.

    1. Ya you should, singkawang kind of a chinese hometown in Indo

  11. thanks for sharing this. didn't know such an interesting event happening in our neighbouring country! will love to pay a visit one day!

  12. Wow! hebat! the cap goh meh celebration at your place is so vibrant and full of festiviti mood.

    1. Indeed! even only some hours happens, that's so festive. Maybe because it only happens once a year seems everybody in it

  13. hey, beautiful shots, so colourful and vibrant! i like this post..

  14. The view of the Bougenville park is so pretty! I never thought of you like all the colorful red color of Chap Go Meh, I thought only chinese would love this color =P

  15. This place looks like a dream! nature, fun and more. Would surely love to visit.

  16. Nice place to go.. I wish I could go there, too!

  17. wah so many cultures taking part in the procession. some look pretty scary to me haha.

  18. It's always exciting to see how other parts of the world celebrate festive seasons. This one we rarely see in TV, a definite eye-opener. So many cultures coming together to parade for the celebration. The bougenville park agree with u not much flowers but still the greenery is maintain nicely and neatly. Looks like a great place for picnic with the family


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