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March 26, 2016

Hi everyone, today I wanna talk about products which I've used up. The problem of beauty junkies is jumping to another product before it's run out. However, I tried to use my beauty products until it finished, especially skin care *if  it's makeup, I bet I can't promise :P.  Those maybe products that I've used in 2015, but some of them, I still kept the bottles even I forgot when the last time I finished it.
I have product empties video, but I'm so sorry about the quality of video :( I'm suck with my video editor :(.
Here the list of products which I've used up:
I know that's a lot, even I've throw it some on the garbage, those all that left on my storage and I plan to throw away after finishing this post :P

1. Queen Helene Mint Jelep Masque

This is my favorite pores mask, you can read my review here. But, I didn't repurchase this mask because it's difficult to get in Indonesia. I should buy this online if I'm lucky they have stock if they aren't I must buy by pre order. I think face mask is necessary in my life so I prefer to get mask that I can get it at drugstore easily.

2. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask

If you've already read my first reason, you've already known that's why I purchased this mask. This is pore mask, easy to get *it's drugstore product and of course it has affordable price. How can I don't love this thing. Review for this product here.

3. Redwin sorbolene moisturiser

This isn't my best lotion, but I've finished it. Because it's super moist and it can use in many ages. You can use it for all your family members. What I don't like about this product is the smell, it smell so chemical like a drug, but it's great for moisturizing skin. I've reviewed this product here.

4. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Maybe you've already bored heard I mentioned this product so many times, but so far this is the best makeup cleanser that I've ever tried. I've finished my five bottles hahaha. This is the review (click), you can also find this one in yearly favorite products, if I'm not wrong, I've mentioned this product two years in row as my favorite :P .

5. Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner

I'm crazy about pores products, makeup or skin care. The reason that I bought this, there is pore promising in this product. I'm not gonna repurchase this because it smelled alcohol.
Review:  here.

6. L'oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner

All time favorite conditioner. I used so many brands for conditioner but L'oreal is my favorite, even though I didn't have favorite range for L'oreal conditioner. I love all L'oreal range for conditioner, maybe the black one is having the better smell. Should I make a review for this product? I'm not expert in hair thing but if someone request to review, I will make it.

7. SKII FTE sampel size 10ml

This is my first list product for skin booster, I've used this almost two years. I mentioned it too in 2015 favorites [link]. Maybe I will write my list of skin booster, should I? Because now I've two skin booster that I like, but they have different texture or formula and I think both also having different benefit.

8. Sariayu Hijab Hair Tonic Lotion

To be honest, I didn't see any improvement in my hair when I was using it but I love the smell. It's kind of refreshing smell that can booster my mood after taking a bath. I've reviewed this product here.

9. Hada Labo mild peeling face wash

I like this product because it's gentle for my skin, when I tried face wash in the market *I mean drugstore products, my face is irritated. However, I've already changed my face wash for night because this isn't good to clean makeup. Now, I'm only using this in the morning.

10. Pantene Shampoo Anti Dandruff

I can't say more about this, because it's all time favorite shampoo since I'm maybe 7 or 8 years old. I don't know why, after two weeks I tried the new brand of shampoo, I got dandruff in my hair only this shampoo that's work on me. I don't know why I still kept this bottle, because I usually throw away it after I finished one bottle.

11. Etude House Magic Any Cushion

Before it, I never finished bb cream/foundation/cc cream/cushion but it's my first time I've finished my cushion. I didn't used it a lot, but it's run out now *Yay, I'm so happy *LOL.
Review: here

12. Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari 

I've used this peeling since I was in junior high school. Even now I tried so many brands of peeling, I always save this one on my skin care storage because when my face is tired of chemical product I will use this product again. Right now, it isn't my favorite anymore because I think the beads is too harsh for everyday uses but like I said before I still stock up this one.
Review: here

13. Maybelline Makeup Remover

It isn't the best eyes and lips makeup remover but this is my favorite. It's easy to get and affordable, wherever I go I can find it in mini market, like Indomaret *Indonesian should know about it, this store is available everywhere.  The thing that I don't like it, is the texture is oily.
Review: here
I think I should make an update review for this one :D

14. Dove Ultimate White

This is a deodorant, I don't know what should I say about this product. I like the smell and I always use my deodorant until it finished.

15. Clinique repairwear laser focus

This serum will be great for who has dry skin and aging problem. I have oily combination skin but I still love this one. I've finished two bottles of clinique serum. This one is the new formulation. This is the only one serum that works for my fine lines in under eyes. The good thing about this, it can use for under eyes. Because, I don't have aging problem except under eyes area, I didn't mention any improvement but this it's super moist and lightweight serum.
Review: here

16. Polylab multi purpose solution

This is an isotonic for lenses care. I bought it at watson. I got two bottles and I still have one left.

17. Laneige white plus renew original essence 10 ml

I was hoping that this serum could reduce my spots, but nothing happens. I finished two bottles in 10ml. The texture is lightweight and watery, it wasn't sticky at all, it also sink well into my skin and so moisturizing. However, that's all isn't what I was looking for so I didn't purchase this in full size.

18. Pond's Flawless white dewy rose gel

This brand is popular in Indonesia especially for teenager. I finished this night cream but it isn't for my face, it's for my hand when my hand is tanner. As I remembered that my face felt itchy using this, so I used this for my hand. However, I love the texture, it's so watery and smell so good *roses smell and absorb well. I forgot how it worked for my hand, if my hand brighter or not, but the fact I finished it :D

19. L'oreal Fall repair 3X anti hair fall treatment

This product comes with small bottles in one box, but  I forgot how many  bottles in one box. I love the smell. This smelled flowery but so refreshing, I felt good after shower if I applied it on my hair. But, honestly this hair serum isn't really work for my hair fall problem. But, I will continue for using this one.

20. Urban decay all nighter long lasting makeup setting spray

I don't know why I still have this one in a bunch of empties, it was an old packaging. This product is great for sealing my makeup all day in humid whether like Indonesia. I'm kind of public transportation person so this is really helping to make my makeup stayed all day. Maybe, I will repurchase someday.

21. elf eyebrow kit

I didn't know I will count it or not because the gel part doesn't really run out, just hit the pan. However the powder has run out. I got this shade in dark and I really really love this, I love the shade, the powder, the gel and the brush. I used the brush before I have angle brush from Masami shouku. The brush wasn't that great but it's good for shaping brow.

22. SM Minyak Ampuh

I know this is unpopular product but I've been using this product since my childhood. This is multifunction product, for itchy, affected by hot oil, get injured like bruises, reducing spots, etc. It's kind of product which can treat so many problems, it isn't convincing at all. However, that's work for some problems, at least for me. I'm a careless person that I can hit the door or maybe chair and then I got bruises and it worked for treating those. My skin is also easily to get itchy so I'm going confuse when I was traveling and I didn't bring it *LOL.

23. Redwin Sorbolene Body wash

Like the body lotion, I also like this one, it's so moisturizing skin. My dry skin in some parts is gone. However, what I don't like are, first, it doesn't has smell, I'm feeling good, if after shower, I smell good. But I smelled nothing with this body wash. The second thing is, it was leaving slippery on my skin, how many times I rinsed with water, maybe because it's rich with moisturizer thing.

Finally, I've finished a long list *LOL. I promise to make kind of post more often, so I won't make a long list like this.
Have a great day everyone :)



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  2. I have only tried the cushion so far...other products seem worth trying too


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