Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick (Plum Perfect and True Toffee) Review

February 09, 2016

Hi, what's up guys? I'm back with another lipstick review :) and those Maybelline again. That isn't new collection but I haven't talked about it in my blog. When I tidied my lipstick storage I found those two. I have two shades which are plum perfect and true toffee.
maybelline colorshow lipstick
Let's talk about packaging, if I can say it's quite sturdy packaging, unfortunately I got the plum perfect melt T,T. The packaging was sealed when I bought that, I didn't know how could it melt. The packaging is simple, black with color shade tape. Ya, I can't say more, it's like usual lipstick packaging.
maybelline lipstick plum perfect, true toffee
I got 2 shades, Plum perfect and true toffee. I checked at maybelline website, they have 15 shades that you can choose.
maybelline colorshow plum perfect and true toffee
As you can see, the plum perfect has already melted. I guess the lipstick formula is bit mushy, because true toffee is also melting but it's better than the plum perfect.  I suggest you not to put this lipstick directly under the sunlight or in hot area.
maybelline peach and plum shade
The shades that I got is so pretty. I chose plum perfect because I'm crazy about plum shade lately so that's why I chose that shade but I rarely use that because I need to use lip brush, like I said before about the lipstick condition so If I applied directly without brush it will cause clot. True toffee is peach, I chose this shade because I read a lot about this shade and I just bought it *lol. However, when I swatch my peach lipstick collection, I has already had the similar color hahaha, you can see the comparison here [klik]
maybelline colorshow true toffee
This is a moist lipstick it has glossy effect but it isn't too glossy. Sometimes when I bored with matte lipstick I like to use kind of lipstick. The texture is creamy, soft and easy to blend. Even though is moist but I didn't feel it has sticky or oily feeling. I'm not lip gloss person but I still feel comfortable with moist lipstick, which is satin finish. True toffee is easy to blend but be careful when you're layering this lipstick because adding some layers can make your lipstick uneven, you need to fix it with your finger or lip brush. The color is vivid, one layer the color will show off. You don't need to worry it will make your lips dry because it's super moist, I guess it contains moisturizer. How long it stays? It's moist lipstick and definitely transfer when you're drinking and eat so this lipstick will stay approximately 3 hours, because I can't hold without eat and drink in 3 hours*lol. Even though this lipstick transfer but the good thing is it's easy to remove.
maybelline colorshow plum perfect
Plum perfect is less glossy than true toffee, I love the finish look, this is not deadly matte but it isn't that glossy, maybe I can say it's satin finish. It also more blendable than true toffee. God, I love this color, the color suits for natural look if I applied tiny amount and when I want to be bold I can apply more layers and voila it becomes a pretty plum color. It has creamy and smooth texture. I felt that the plum perfect stayed longer than the true toffee, I guess because the plum perfect is more bold. This is also moisturize my lips. This lipstick will stay around 3-4 hours, but even the color has gone I still noticed the stain when I remove my makeup in the end of the day. The plum perfect transfer too as true toffee. Sometimes, I felt that true toffee is too creamy but the plum perfect is fine. Unfortunately, I got melt lipstick from the store,huhu
Both smell like sweet candy and it's nice, I don't have any problem about that smell.
How it looks in my face, both suit for simple look *I think :)
FOTD colorshow true toffee indonesia
maybelline colorshow lipstick plum perfect indonesia


- It has creamy and smooth texture
- satin finish
- moisturize lips
- it has 15 shades which you can choose
- it has sweet candy smell
- affordable and easy to get ( I got around IDR 30000 each lipstick), you can buy in every Maybelline store/ counter or buy online at You  also get benefit IDR 50000 off, using UK50 code when you're checkout, with minimum purchase IDR 200000
- the formulation is easy to melt
- the longevity is so-so
- I think every shade has bit different texture

Have you tried this lipstick? do you like it? lemme know about your opinion :)



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  1. I like the plum perfect color, its more outstanding.

    1. yap, plum is bright so anyone will give attention to the lips

  2. The plum color looks very pretty on you!! :) and the shine it gives is just nice

    1. thank you, sometimes shine is better than matte :)

  3. both has different effect for you. The plum make you look super sexy and the toffee one change you into sweetie. hehehe

  4. I prefer the True Toffee. The shade is beautiful and look more natural.

  5. I shall get my gf to try this one. True Toffee looks better than the plum one because I don't like it being too bright. That is just from a guys' point of view.

  6. I think true toffee looks more natural. I do agree that the lipstick is not really glossy so the effect is better.

  7. Yang plum manis banget,maybelline tuh emang yahut dah hahha

    Beautyblogger at

  8. i like the true toffee lipstick as I think it gives out a more natural vibe... but plum lipstick looks good if you are out for dinner or want more attention on you.. heheh

  9. I like true toffee on you, looks more natural.
    And make sure you do not use cosmestics more than 3 years old ok

  10. I learn the differences though after reading :) I like the colours all on you though :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. I can't decide which colour I prefer. Both of them look beautiful on you!

  12. Maybelline sure has some god lipstick products. The plum color looks really nice on you

  13. I really like the purple'ish tone on you! I have something similar to that tone too :)

  14. I liked both the colors. One looks more natural while another adds glam look. The only worrying thing is the melted state of the lipstick!

  15. Don't know why but I always think that Plum color lipstick really suits you a lot! Looking pretty babe =D

  16. Lovely colours one is quite soft and other one a bit glamy. I think plum is quite nice to go with everything.

  17. nice colors. but i think a lot of times, it also depends on the person's skin tone, right? I've seen some nice colors that look ugly on a person's lip cause it clashes with the skin color.

  18. I love the True Toffee shade on you. Too bad that it melted easily.

  19. Aku juga ngalamin lipstick nya meleleh padahal masih baru. Plum perfect fav aku selain nude mocha ♡

  20. I love lipsticks! This two however I haven't try yet. They look nice on you .

  21. I always love Maybelline products especially their lipstick. I love the color that Maybelline have.


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