No Makeup Makeup Tutorial

January 25, 2016

Hi everyone, have you ever intimidated by using of makeup? Sometimes, I felt that in some situations. Actually, I don't really care if someone said to me "OMG, you're using a lo of makeup, you look older than your age or you're such a bad girl" hahaha. But, sometimes there is a situation that I want to put makeup but I didn't want to be attention so no makeup makeup look will be my choice. Or there is a situation that my bare face look horrible, I lack of sleep all night or maybe I was crying before sleep :P or my face was looking pale and I didn't want to see people in horrible face I would do no makeup makeup.
Here is my version :)
Maybe you still notice that my eyebrow is still bold or my lips is too glossy XD. But, I think those just normal because bold eyebrow and bit glossy lips isn't a sin *kidding :P, I mean I still look normal, it doesn't look using much makeup.
I would share my version of no makeup :P
1. no heavy or thick makeup skin looking
Even though you're using foundation or bb cream or whatever it's, please make sure it's set like your second skin. My tips, use foundation shade that match with your skin tone. In no makeup makeup I don't like to use compact powder, maybe it's just me but I feel my makeup face is highly visible when I was using a compact powder. So I choose a loose powder in this look, just for mattifying my face.
2. no heavy contouring
I think the secret of makeup is contouring, hehe but if you want very natural looking, don't go into it. I still did contouring but I didn't do that much. You can choose one step only as you prefer and don't use much product. In my video I choose concealer part for shading but I didn't use bronzer, you can choose only a bronzer as you prefer.
3. choose neutral color for eyes and mascara
Yap, you can still play with eyes but just play with neutral color and I prefer just put mascara, fake eyelashes isn't no makeup makeup description #lol. Eyeliner is OK, but don't winged it :P
4. Eyebrow is fine to play with
It doesn't mean it's fine with instagram eyebrow looking but you can made it bit bold, because I know that a lot of people can't leave home without eyebrow *lol. So, you can explore it but made it as natural as possible. You can follow your natural eyebrow shape, with a little fix of course :P.
5. I'm not into a blush
I feel that when I'm using a blush people will easily notice that I'm using makeup. I don't know it's just me to feel that way, or maybe somebody else does? Maybe you can use cream blush for natural looking but my cheek was sensitive for cream blush or maybe lip tint as a blush. I choose put highligt for my cheeks.
6. Ombre lips is my best
Maybe because I don't have tiny slim lips so I feel the ombre lips will make me looking so natural. I usually choose a hot pink shade but I just put on the center of my lips. why hot pink? I didn't want looking pale. My favorite are lip tint, lip stain or lip gloss without much glitter.
Here my video for you :)

Thank you for watching :*
How about yours? what your description of no makeup makeup, let me know :)



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  1. I actually prefer make up that's so subtle that no one would notice. You still look beautiful here.

  2. In my opinion abit of blush is okay and try cream or gel type as they blend in more natural. without it you'll look "pucat"

  3. haih! i just have light cc cream and some tinted lip balm when out from home. I am bad to even draw a simple eye liner.

  4. yeah..most of time i dont apply makeup.sometimes i like natural makeup!! but if got any function ,i will still put on full makeup .

  5. guess the eye shadow can be lighten a bit to achieve a more natural looking! :)

  6. Great tutorial.
    Girls will surely need these tips.

  7. Really pretty look! I normally go for no makeup look too

  8. Interesting title! I should share it with my sister :P

  9. So lovely... very natural... but when I am feeling lazy and got nothing on, I just go out with nothing on... even if I look like a ghost.. LOL

  10. yes looking natural is always the best :) love your makeup!

  11. no make up is really nice...can let our skin rest!!!

  12. Depends on situation, if got important dinner or event, I will make up.
    Thanks for sharing ya.

  13. thanks for the tips! am looking for this as i don't like to wear make up all the time!!!

  14. Your naked face without make up look nice to me. Sometime without make up is good for skin as our skin can breath easily and we look natural on it.

  15. You look so nice and natural after the make up! Can't really see the different also =D

  16. Wow such a natural and define makeup, look effortless.

  17. good tips here.. make up with minimal no-makeup look, i like :)

    and stop crying before you sleep nex time!

  18. Looking natural is always best dear - it certainly does look effortless and great on you.

  19. Love the tips you provided here! I'll be useful for me :)


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