Morning Skincare Routine

November 09, 2015

Heloow, today I wanna show you my current morning skincare routine. I see a lot of improvement with this regimen. My skin is softer and smoother even if my pores still visible*lol. I'm getting confident to show my bare face almost everyday. Maybe you don't believe me that almost everyday, I never use any makeup product for complexion, just translucent powder. I just put foundation for special occasion. Before I change with the new one*lol, I would love sharing to anyone :)
First thing that I do when I woke up and took a bath is cleaning my face with my Hada Labo Mild Peeling face wash with AHA and BHA. I was lazy to purchase maybe high end brand facial wash. Many times I picked facial wash randomly at minimarket, end up with they were irritating my skin. However, Hada Labo is good, even it's easy to get at drugstore the texture is soft and doesn't irritate mine. 
After that, I need something for refreshing my skin so I choose to spay face mist/face spray to my face. My current face spray is from Mustika Ratu, Oxigenated Spray, you can read my review here--> klik
My current toner is almost run out so I plan to purchase the new one but I hold out Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner for maybe 6 months. I have huge pores problem so that's why I'm crazy about products with pores claim, hehe. There are two kind of toners exfoliating and hydrating toner. Now, I choose to use exfoliating than hydrating, maybe next time I will purchase hydrating toner too, please gimme suggestion, hydrating toner for oily skin that should I buy?. You can also read Neutrogena toner review here--> klik
I have two kinds of skin booster, SK II Facial Treatment Essence and L'oreal Revitalift X3 Power Water. I love both so much, if I was lazy to put my skin care routine step by step I just put them. Like everyone said about FTE, it does a great effect for my skin. FTE makes my skin more stable, my skin has a lot of problems; huge pores, whitehead, blackhead, oily face, acne, and uneven skin tone. Now, my skin much much better than before. While, L'oreal Revitalift X3 Power Water makes my skin feels moist. That is great, I love how it feels after it absorbs well into my skin. It gimme supple and moist skin effect.
After that, essence or serum, I combine two serums, both from L'oreal, White Perfect Laser and Intensive Repairing Essence. I use white perfect laser essence for everyday uses while my skin dehydrate I use Intensive Repairing Essence. I was reviewing L'oreal white perfect laser here. Intensive repairing has fresh and flowery smell and the essence makes my skin texture is better and moist. Sometimes, my skin flakes in some parts and feel tight, so that time I would change my essence to intensive repairing and it does a great job so my skin will back to normal condition.
I choose moisturizer with SPF for day cream, because sometimes I'm lazy to put sunscreen. My current moisturizer for a day is L'oreal Revitalift Day SPF 23 PA++. If you are asking question why I use some revitatift L'oreal products for my skin care routine? How old am I? hahaha Of course, I'm not that old *I mean I still 20 + :P but I think that preventing early is better than treating later :). I'm also loving how they works in my skin. Maybe I got some of them for free but to be honest they are great. I thought that revitalift great for dry skin but I have oily skin and it's great too for oily skin. They didn't make skin more oily. Back to day cream, it leaves oily effect on my skin , but not too much. I think that is because SPF ingredients effect. If I didn't put any makeup so I should use translucent powder or compact powder for mattifying face. If I don't go anywhere in day time, I choose to use SK II cellumination deep surge EX, it gives super moist effect into my skin. I hope it gives brighter effect, but I haven't seen that effect for sure.
Sunscreen is important if you're living in tropical country like Indonesia. UV gives harm effect into skin. I have brown spots that slightly protruding, I don't know what it calls, sproten maybe*CMIIW. It will grow a lot if my skin frequently exposed by UV. So, if I have outdoor activity I put sunscreen with SPF 50, I use UV Perfect Instant White SPF 50. The texture is liquid, has oily effect but I still can tolerate because Sunblock gimme oil slick feeling but it wasn't. I still can mattifying skin with powder after using this sunscreen.
The last is lip balm, I choose lip care from Sariayu, It's local brand. It has mint sensation but don't worry it has no taste. I use it when I was waiting for others skin care absorb well onto my skin, because some of them need some minutes to absorb into skin. 
How the effect is going so far? Believe me, if you're patiently to treat your skin, it will thank to you later. Of course, I was paying attention to my skin because I love to try skin care products *lol. However, I didn't use the full series, I mean I skipped toner and skin booster. Now, I realize that both are important too. My skin is much much better, my skin texture is softer and supple, I still struggle with huge pores but they have been reduced *I think. I have stable skin, I mean my skin can control from acne, blackhead and whitehead. Maybe, oily skin can't avoid from blackhead and whitehead but for acne, it only appears if I'm in period times. I remembered before I'm paying attention intensively my acne appears frequently, maybe because I put to much makeup or lazy to clean my face. My face isn't that greasy anymore, at the day my face looks like an oil slick hit on it. Believe me that was bad, my skin looks dull and iyuuh *lol. But what I feel now, my face looks dewy that oily. Of course, that isn't just because morning routine but night and weekly routine also have affect to my skin condition. However, I chose to make morning part at first :)
I also made a video in bahasa about my morning skincare routine. It's the first time I talked much in front of camera, so you can see that I was being clumsy *lol. Hope you enjoy my video :)
If you want to know night skin care routine, just gimme comments below :)



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  1. Aku jadi pingin ngicip hadalabonya deh, dulu sempet mau beli, tapi pas lagi buru2 eh ternyata gak taruh di keranjang, baru nyadar udah sampai kasir, antriannya super, kalau kutinggal ngantri lagi dari belakang XDD;;

    Night skincare nya juga duong~ Penasaran hehehe~

    1. Iya cobain deh, Hada labo bagus ga harsh kalau di kulit XD
      Ntar ya kpn2 aku bikin juga yg night

    2. Ditunggu night skincarenya *___*

  2. ih aku pernah make rangkaian skin carenya hada labo yang biru, enak bangeeeeeet sumpah kulit jadi kenyal sama lembut, jadi pengen balik lagi ke hada labo huhu :"( btw, aku follow gfc kaka ya^^

    1. emang sekarang pakai apa say? aku juga pernah pakai yg biru, lumayan mencerahkan ;)

  3. Thank you for this! Really helped me out pick some things for my daily skin care routine.I always look so radiant and my skin is so healthy after applying Dermology Skin Brightening Cream .Its act like miracle for my skin.


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