Travel Story: Lemukutan Island

October 12, 2015

Weekend has already over dear :( But, suddenly I remembered about my photos collection when I had a trip to Lemukutan island. The pictures are too pretty to keep in my own album. Because sharing is caring :P. Lemme share the trip story :)
If you're questioning where is Lemukutan island and you've never heard before. That's fine :). I mention that island for the first time when my friends asked me to join the trip,hehehe. I had never heard the island before.Where is Lemukutan island? Lemukutan is located in Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat. I won't talking it geographically but let's talk how to get there? If someone mention about Kalimantan Barat, it will be related to Pontianak city. Btw, I won't accept a question how to get to Pontianak :P. Okay, starting from Pontianak, I went to Samudra Indah port or Teluk Suak *honestly, I didn't mention the port correctly because I had no information at all about that place and my friends arranged the trip well so I just followed them laaa, hahaha. Samudra Indah is the place where I would cross over to the island. The trip from Pontianak took 3 hours by car. I don't know if there is any public transportation from Pontianak to Samudra Indah. You know, what I don't like about Pontianak, it's difficult to get public transportation *huh. It's better if you take a trip as a team so you can bring or hire a car. Don't worry, the road to Bengkayang is quite great, my experience about Kalimantan road is crazy but it wasn't.
 Samudra Indah
They were busy to drag the boat XD. Can you mention that happy faces? :). I love to capture people in candid smile, sometimes people didn't think about why they smiled, they were just enjoying what they did :). The whether was cloudy during the trip. As you know, Kalimantan is being affected by the smoke of wildfires.
What are you waiting for, boats? :)
My first impression about that place is there is no waves here and the water isn't that clean,hahaha.
Boat, please take me to the beautiful island, I was craving of vacation *lol. FYI, The boat was leaving around 10 am, so better you've already there before it. Each person should pay 50 thousand IDR for that boat. I think I was wrong about dirty sea, because when we were getting further from the land, the sea is pretty clean.
snap snap
Can you imagine living in that place? :( But, people just judge about what they can see, maybe they're happier than us.
Bit cloudy so I could take a picture clearly. I saw some of them, which for catching fish * I guess
I was on the boat around 2-3 hours, better you're preparing your self to avoid seasickness *kidding :P. If that day is sunny day, enjoy your sunbathe :P. If you're lucky you can see the dolphins lead the boat :).
jiggling small boat
Lemukutan island is located near Randayan island. I get information that Randayan has beautiful scenery underwater. Unfortunately, my friends and I didn't get chance to get there and again that's because of the the smoke :(. The boat brought me to the Lemukutan gate, where you can see, placard shows "Welcome to Lemukutan" but we weren't booking home stay in that side. So, we went to another side of the island.
Guess what! the boat couldn't reach the island and we spent 15 minutes on that cute little boat *lol. Btw, it wasn't cool when I was in the boat because I've to keep my balance if I haven't, the boat would slanted and I could fall into the water >,<
 Yay, somebody picked us!
We were excited riding that boat * I don't know what it call, galleys maybe. I felt like I wanna join for shaking that boat hahaha. I was curious how it feels, moving that boat only with paddle. He must have strong muscles *lol, maybe I don't need barbell, if I was paddling boat everyday, nyahaha.
Even if cloudy, it's still so pretty :) SubhanAllah. I don't know if the sunset still could be seen or I just missed it.
Talking about the island, it's a quiet place for spending holiday. We chose the side that isn't crowded with another visitors, we felt like went to private island. Of course, there are people living in this island. We spent the night in one of house which rented to us. I don't know it's reserved as home stay or just one of house which they live if there is no visitors. I forgot exactly how much we spent to rent that house, maybe 1500000 IDR for 2D1N. It's quite big there are 4 rooms; 2 bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. They also provided some of equipments that we need for living here. The people who are living here is very friendly. They said that there is no hospital here, if somebody will give birth, she must cross over with boat which I use to get to the island. Can you imagine that >,<. There is no electricity during the day, but starting from 6 pm electricity will be light up :). I think that that place is the best for holiday, but for living, I don't think so :).
Lemme share about the sea :) We will be forgetting about there is no electricity during the day because we will spend the day on the water. The water is clean and everybody wanna get into the water *what else we can do in here #LOL. What can we do for spending time here? You can go diving, swimming, or snorkeling. They also rent snorkeling or diving facilities. The price is 50 thousand IDR for each. I saw some beautiful underwater scenery that they took in Lemukutan island. However, what I saw just so so, maybe I went to the wrong side or maybe Randayan has prettier underwater scenery. Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying that day but I didn't find that some people said. If you're a diving person type you will enjoy in here, so many that you can exploreXD.
I think that I wore a wrong hijab color *LOL, nobody cares hahaha. I love the sea, that's the most visited place during my holiday but I haven't got any experience about snorkeling or diving. When my friend told me that's fun, I just glimpsed into him and said that I don't care because I can't swim *lol. However, I got wrong, apparently, I wanna join diving club, nyahaha
What else we can do in here? You can go fishing, yay. We didn't go fishing but we bought fish as many as we want. And in the night we were enjoying barbeque time. We had dinner at the seaside. We were sitting in the dark, but no problem, laa because we had delicious dinner *lol
They don't over fancy facilities but I think the sight is more attracting people to visit. Indonesia has a lot of hidden natural tourism that we can explore. My wishlist place to visit are Derawan, Lombok and Sentarum lake :). Please somebody take me there XD.
I went to Lemukutan in Saturday morning and the boat picked us back 10 am in Sunday, at the same time as we departed from Samudra Indah. When we back, the weather is freaking hot and there is no wind at all. I felt the way we got home is much longer than when we arrived.
Yay, I could see the land again :) btw, we parked our car in Samudra Indah and if you ask how much I spent for 2 days and one night in Lemukutan? I spent only 350 thousand IDR, including rented car from Pontianak. What a steal, right?
Oke, let's forgetting the holiday, it's time to work *LOL
Happy Monday all^^



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