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I smell a festive of Halloween everywhere *I mean in Instagram, blog and facebook. Honestly, I'm not really expert with special effect makeup *halloween makeup thing. But, Halloween is still halloween, I got much fun when playing weird makeup, no matter oftenly I failed to create halloween makeup, hahaha. I made pop art makeup for halloween makeup inspiration :)
I didn't make step by step picture, yah you know, I mess up,hehe. However, I wanna share some tips for making pop art makeup :)
First you should do is prime your face to make sure your face is matte. Then, choose lighter shade than your skintone. My bad I used cc cream, because I thought that cc cream has lighter shade but my face become greasy even I had already used face primer, hahaha. 
To get dramatic comic book look, what you need is black face paint, liquid or pencil eyeliner. I prefer to use liquid eyeliner for drawing my brow and making some lines. However to make it's real black, I filled it with black face paint. I used essence liquid eyeliner, I didn't like essence liquid eyeliner for everyday makeup but I was starting to like it when I made pop art look. It's easy to dry and removed. You should draw thick and bold brow, bridge nose and nostril :P, line your lips, draw lines in cheeks bone and jawlines which is taking place your contour and smiling lines *for revealing facial expression. That will make your face doesn't look real. I also drew in my jawlines but it was cover by veil #LOL.
For eyeshadow, you can choose, pop and bright color, like yellow, purple or electric blue. Still eyes, you need dramatic eyelashes and draw your eyelid. You can also add eye drops :D and lower lashes. I didn't use it but I drew my lower lashes #LOL. 
Next, it's making dots. I thought it would be easiest part but it wasn't. You need to make sure they have the same size and thickness. I tried to use brush and face paint but I failed because it was difficult to make them similar. For rescuing it, I used red pencil liner. Take your time to make it :). This is the important part of comic face :P. You can choose red or white dots.
Shade of lipstick that you can choose are red, fuchsia or barbie pink. For an added pop, you can take a bit white in lower lips and add glossy effect.
Last, you can put pink, red or yellow wig. I chose yellow veil as wig*lol. Beside that, you can spray with colored hair spray. Adding some black lines too in your hair.
Playing with comic book exclamation. Draw it in your body or make it in cards. Because I don't go to Halloween party with this look, I prefer to edit only at the picture :P

What do you think?


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  1. This is such a unique post and interesting too!!

    P.S: International giveaway on my blog, do check it out! :)

  2. Pop Art makeup look nya kece Anah, sukaa <3
    Iyaa aku juga paling suka Halloween soalnya waktu yang pas buat coba makeup yang lain dari biasanya :D

    Amanda writer of www.TipsCantikManda.com

    1. Aaah pdhl berantakan gitu, tp makasih lo :* :*
      Kalo ga halloween males aku makeup aneh2 ga jago tp entah knp pas halloween jadi semangat hehehe

  3. Keren banget makeup pop artnya:) *sambik berkhayal kapan bisa makeup kayak gini


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