Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner Review

October 07, 2015

When we talk about skin care routine, everybody say that our skin need moisturizer. However I think that there is something that some people skip on their skin care routine. Ya, it's toner. My skin type is oily in T zone, in summer *I live almost all year summer #LOL* toner is the secret weapon for healthy skin. Why toner? because I need a product that can control clog, dirt and oil which is affected by warm weather. My big problem is pores, sometimes I feel desperate because the weather makes my face looks oily and dull. I feel every moisturizer, serum or anything that I put in my face can't absorb well. Honestly, I skip toner for some years and I regret that. I thought that toner just part after cleansing, it's just water for finishing. But, I was wrong. I search anything about toner and they said an opposite thing. I was starting to search which toner that match for my skin. I want try khiel's or pixy glow, but I don't know why I ended up with purchasing Neutrogena. The description just stolen my attention *lol.
They said that it can reduce pores and refine skin and comes with AHA. What I know about AHA that is cosmetics ingredients which is intended to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. These products most often contain glycolic and lactic acids *you can see on the ingredients below. They help reduce the appearance of skin wrinkling, even skin tones and soften the skin. AHA as used in cosmetics may function as exfoliant. They act on the surface of the skin by removing dead surface cells, thereby improving the appearance of the skin. The claim is very teasing HAHAHA.
I didn't expect it would come with a huge bottle, but when it delivered to me, it spilled almost a half bottle T,T. Talk about packaging is nothing fancy at all and honestly I don't like the cap , I thought that the product spilled because the cap wasn't closed tightly :(. Even, it's a plastic bottle I never bring it anywhere because I have traumatic it will spill out. That's kind of drugstore product packaging that's just simple and look usual.
That description
They give sunburn alert because it contains AHA, but I was fine deal with it. I think because my skin isn't sensitive. But If you have sensitive skin is better to avoid AHA.
It has the same consistency as water and I can smell strong alcohol. Before I read the ingredients, I'm directly noticed that it contains with Alcohol. I'm not against alcohol in face product but I'm prefer not to. I put two drops in cotton and pat all over my face. I didn't feel a burning sensation, it's refreshing. I feel that my skin is fresh and clean. Oil in my T zone is reduced without feeling tight or dry. I love my skin feeling which is fresher and kind of I can put any layer in my skin after that.
How it works for reducing pores? You can see the picture, that's after I've used almost 3 months. Do you think it's noticeable? I think my pores shrink but it wasn't really noticeable, I just feel my skin is being smoother. Moreover, I feel that my skin is more acceptable with any kind of skin care and makeup products. Cleaner feeling is the thing that I like about this product, I didn't feel my skin that dull, clog, dirt or oily anymore *except I was in my period time. But I was afraid it can make wrinkles because I can smell strong alcohol *Is what I worry about necessary?*. I'm blind about chemicals ingredients thing. How about swept away dead surface skin? I can't explain about it, because after I did home microdermabrasion, I'm afraid to used it. I stopped to use it maybe 3 days after I did that. As long as I use it, I never see my skin flakes.
That's my skin condition now, I feel that foundation that I used is more blendable. I feel my skin is smoother, I know it doesn't just because a toner but my skin regimen affected too. However, toner is making my skin can accept another product well. 

The verdict

- making my skin cleaner and fresher
- reducing oil without tightness and dryness
- shrinking pores even though it wasn't really noticeable
- my skin is smoother and softer
- my foundation can blend well in T zone area
- comes in huge bottle
- I can smell strong alcohol
- it contains alcohol
- bulky and fragile packaging 
- It hasn't available yet in Indonesian store

I would suggest for who have an oily or combination skin than dry or sensitive skin. However, I've not thought to repurchase after this run out because it's hard to get and I confuse about alcohol thing in that product. But, I'm satisfied with this toner, for my first toner, It wasn't disappointing at all.
Share with me what is your favorite toner and how it works? I need a suggestion for next purchases :)



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