My Travel Beauty Items: Must Have to Bring!!!

October 05, 2015

Holaaa, I wanna share my beauty products which is important to me for traveling. Sometimes, I thought that I wanna bring all of my beauty products in my makeup case *lol but it just couple days and my bag can't take all of them hahaha.
Last week Clozette Indonesia gave theme for #TravelBeauty hastag. That's interest me to join because I'm kind of person who did spontaneous in packing for traveling. But, when I went to travel, I usually brought almost the same items in my makeup pouch. 
The first thing which must have to bring is sunscreen for face and body. Indonesia is tropical country and I live in town equator, you can imagine how is living in hot summer everyday? hahahaha. But lately, I miss the sun because there is a thick fog here :( * how can irresponsible people did that to our forest. Okay back to the topic. What are in my travel bag?
1. Nivea Body Serum Intensive Moisture SPF 25
Maybe the spf isn't too high but for daily uses, I prefer to use spf 24 until 30. I feel texture for spf 50 is too thick. However, If I would go to the beach I prefer to use spf 50.
2. Color my brow from Etude House
Woman can't leave house without an eyebrow thing, hahaha. So, eyebrow products are important to my life. Maybe it's not my best eyebrow product but eyebrow mascara is the simplest way to make my eyebrow more stand out *lol.
3. Just miss J-35
My favorite lipstick lately, I love that because it's matte and the shade is peachy orange that suit best for natural look.
4. Lippie Stix Bossy Red from ColourPop
Even, I'm not using red lipstick in my way to travel, red lipstick is must have to bring because that's my savior look. Maybe, I suddenly need for looking gorgeous *lol.
5. Contact Lens
Recently, I love to use contact lens because my face would look more life if I used contact lens*lol. I didn't need to apply a thick makeup or hard contour for making my face unflattered, because everyone will focus on my eyes *wink. 
6. Eye drops from refresh contacts
The perfect pair of contact lens is eye drops, I can't use soft lens in a day without shed an eye drops. My favorite brand is from refresh contact. I didn't know much about eye drops brand because I'm a newbie soft lens but I think this is good laaa. I got that at the drugstore.
7. UV Perfect Instant White SPF 50
Like I said before, sunscreen is must have item to prevent from UV. It's kind product that I can't leave without. What I like about this product it isn't too creamy or thick or greasy at all.
8. Eskulin Cologne Gel Monday
Best scent can change a mood, so being good smell is better for having a good mood in a day. However, I hate bring a fragile item when I go travel. EDP/EDT has a fragile packaging. If I didn't plan to attend a formal event I just bring cologne gel. It's kind of teenager habits but I like the sweet scent from Eskulin Monday series. I was starting to love that because my sister who is still in high school said too me that the smell is fresh, sweet and of course stay long, maybe 3 hours.
9. Oxigenated Spray from Mustika Ratu
Face spray is kind of moisture and refresher which I love love much. It's very practical, anywhere and anytime I need to moisture my face, I can do it with spray in my face. I had eyesight for high end brand but until now I hold for so long with local brand, hehehe.
Those are mine :) Which are yours?



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  1. Barusan baca blog sebelah review just miss lipstick, reviewnya positif. Sekarang baca lagi disini sekilas tentang just miss lipstick. Jadi bener-bener tergiur deh, apalagi harganya murah (sudah sampai cek ke stroberi juga). Haha
    Ohiya, aku baru tau kalau mustika ratu punya oxigenated spray.

    Thank you for sharing yaa. Aku suka blog ini, sudah aku follow.
    Mampir ke blog ku ya, dan semoga berkenan untuk follow juga.

    Thanks cantik,
    Vida | Polkalicious

    1. iya just miss afordable tapi rada kering sih di bibir jadi hrs pake lip balm dulu,
      heeh, MR ada face spraynya, aku udh pake dr smp, makasiii ya 😘

  2. Aku mau tanya soal Oxigenated Spray deh, boleh gak sih semprot2 gitu kalau kitanya pakai foundie atau bb cream, atau mungkin pakai bedak two way cake? Aku kok rada2 takut ya, ntar menyerap di kulit, itu foundie dkk ikutan terserap apa gak ya?

    Plus nih ya, bikin luntur gak sih make upnya? XDD~ pingin coba pakai begituan lho kayak drama2 korea gitu lol tapi entah kenapa kok takut luntur ntar make upnya jadi gak berani beli hihihi

    Ini ada produk dalam negeri kan kebetulan ya~ Keinginan untuk ikutan drama korea kembali bersemi XDD

    1. setau aku boleh2 aja, soalnya fungsinya juga supaya makeup lbh nempel, ga kok makeup ga luntur sama sekali asal habis semprot mukanya jgn dilap atau diusreg2 biar dia kering atau ngresep sendiri.
      kynya face spray dan face mist juga ga bikin fondi ngresep ke kulit deh setahu aku, justru itu yg bikin makeup tahan lama dan jatohnya nyatu sm kulit ga and ngeblok gitu makeupnya

  3. Pouchnya lucuuuuu :3


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