More Dubai Softlens (Gray) Review

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Halo,who likes to wear contact lens? I'm lucky enough that my eyes are normal. However, softlens is kind of thing that make my eyes more intense*tsaah :P. So, I get used to wear it. I'm a person who believe that if you want expert in something, you must do it frequently. I'm not expert at all, maybe I took 30 minutes for using it XD. But now, I got an improvement, I can wear it maybe 5 minutes *give me applause #LOL. I didn't use softlens everyday, but I tried to use it as long as I remember. and I've already had love and hate relationship with softlens :P. I will share to you later. I wanna talk about my current softlens. It's more dubai. When I heard the name, I think, this softlens from middle east county *lol.
Contact lens and eye lashes are two great stuffs for eyes
More dubai has freaking cute box. Honestly, I didn't buy it because the box, I didn't know how the box looks a like *the seller don't display the box #LOL. Can you guess where it comes from? Ya, pretty cute packaging, it's definitely from Korea :).
more dubai gray
diameter: 16 mm
water content: 48%
life span: 3 months
What I like is it contains softlens case *it's important. I felt annoyed when I bought softlens and I got no softlens case.
More dubai has two different color, gray and green. I chose gray. That's so pretty, but it's quite conspicuous. I've already used it at office, hahaha. Pardon me, sometimes, my taste doesn't fit with a situation :P. 
The pattern is clearly visible, anyone will notice, even though someone isn't really attracted about you. Because, I'm pretty sure that my office mate who is no longer young wasn't paying attention about what I wear. However, he was noticing that I used softlens *LOL. It's bit heavy for everyday uses but if you're confident to use it like me :P, go on, just use it :).
sorry, I took with different lighting, before and after pic
Is that comfortable? I think so, not really great but my eyes can hold without dripping eye drops for 5 hours. Talk about enlargement, I think that doesn't make my eyes appear bigger. What makes it's conspicuous is the pattern.
However,I love love the pattern much XD. I didn't need a lot of makeup, just put light makeup, sometimes I don't use any makeup, just wearing softlens and  I feel my face become good in picture *lol. I don't know how it looks in real, scary maybe,hehe.
No matter which color lipstick that I wear, it was looking great. I just put an eyebrow pencil, lipstick and mascara. But, I think the mascara effect has already disappeared.

The verdict

- it has pretty pattern
- quite comfortable
- comes with softlens case
- affordable, I got it 100 thousand IDR
- bit enlargement effect, even I think the diameter is quite big
- life span is short, I hope it will last until 6 months *lol

Have you try it?



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  1. aku sih belum berani sering pakai softlens yang begini warnanya, tapi cakep ya *___*

    1. Iya, patternnya heboh ya kl buat sehari-hari:)

  2. Lihat foto selfie pertama, cakeeeeeeeeeep!!!

    Pas lihat yang ke 2, aku merinding T^T agak2 serem2 mistis gimana gitu, kayak yang biasa di filem2 gitu #digeplak XDD

    1. aku aja juga mrinding mba liatnya wkwkwkw, pdhl itu cuma beda warna lipstick doang lo hahaha

    2. Aku tau sekarang macam apa, vampire2 gitu XDDD

  3. Aku pakai softlens yang sama kayak kamu for a month and all of my friend always ask me "pakai softlens apa sih bagus banget" hahahahaha.

    Di kamu juga cocok banget, bikin fokusnya langsung ke mata ya hahaha <3

    1. makasiih ri :* :* iya sama semua orang pada ngeh semua, aku jadi pede juga meskipun no makeup, terus cuma pakai softlens ini aja, hehehe

  4. Aku penasaran sama merk ini tapi masih takut karena jarang yang make. Harganya kok mahal banget say, aku liat di olshop under IDR 50K soalnya hihihi

    1. Aku jarang pake juga sih sbnrnya krn masih normal jd semau-maunya aja pakenya hihi itu dubai aja atau more dubai, setau aku hrgnya kl more dubai berkisar 85-100, kl dubai aja sih 50 -65 an *kynya sih tp hehe
      Tp boleh lah bisikin olshopnya kl murah jd semangat beli2 lg :P

  5. paling suka soflen 3 tones kayak gini XD bener bener bkin beda dn cantik mskipun dgn make up minimalis ^^ cantikk bgt

    Tori Chu


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