Makeup Trend For Spring/Summer 2016

October 17, 2015

Hello, I wanna talk about makeup trend :). Because my TV channels aren't too many and I don't interest to watch some of them. Most often channel which I saw is Fashion TV, I prefer to watch women are walking in the catwalk than watch a dramatic TV series #LOL. Besides, the collection I have attention to makeup. Almost of the show used the same makeup style. Maybe the lips or eyes makeup are different each others. However, the complexion is same, strobing trend is still dominating. They did natural makeup look, they didn't do shading or contouring. I got some videos for you :)
Makeup at Tibi Spring/Summer 2016 ft. Bobbi Brown
Makeup at Herve Leger Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week
Makeup at Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week 
Almost of the makeup in the video above have the same makeup style, the makeup is very very natural. They just brushes their eyebrow and focusing in eyeliner. They chose very natural color for cheeks and lips. Some makeup artists still used peachy blush for the cheeks, but others were just using highlighter. They said that it would be too much if makeup and dresses are bold. They will be competing to be seen. They need more natural makeup, like wake up makeup look. I saw all of them looking amazing but for me that's not my favorite makeup style because my face need more shading and contouring :(.
Makeup at Veronique Branquinho Spring 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Makeup at Reem Acra Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week
Some  of them chose another lipstick color, I think that burgundy, brown is identical with fall makeup. I was expecting more colorful but they didn't. I'm agree that if the dress is stunning, they need softer makeup. 
What do you think about spring makeup from new york fashion week?



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  1. I think these model also don't really care about having spotless flawless white skin so they're comfortable with their natural face and then the real beauty shines :) of course their facial feature are also sharp and strong, so most of them don't really need too much shading or contouring XD

    1. Right :D they didn't afraid to show their freckles. I don't wanna have freckles but those look great :P
      Yaaa,I think so, they have sharp facial shape and they dont need shading or countoring at all


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