Last Minutes Halloween Makeup

October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!! Today is October 31. It means Halloween party times. Have you feel lazy to dress up or do scary/ cool makeup? or maybe you don't have time to put makeup or dress up on Halloween. Don't worry there is always solution in the last minutes HAHAHA
Dark lipstick is the best savior in Halloween. You can choose dark red, dark purple, dark brown and any dark lipstick to go to Halloween party. Last year, I got an invitation to Halloween party and 31st October was Friday, that day I confused to go, nor to go, because the party happened after office. I couldn't do scary makeup or bring Halloween costume at office of course and I chose to didn't go to the party.
Now, I think why not? You can go to the Halloween party without any tricky makeup :P. Only putting dark lipstick isn't that bad to go to Halloween party. Yah, last year dark lipstick hasn't being hip, so I haven't thought about it. Based on my story, I wanna share to you that you don't to feel confused because you haven't prepared anything for Halloween. Just go and have fun XD
I'm using Malevolent La Splash Lip Couture liquid lipstick. Let's go to the Halloween party *lol.
Happy Halloween and enjoy your weekend!



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    1. Emang sengaja ga serem ini, cuma pk dark lipstick, buat kl udh ga ada ide mau pake apa, hehehe


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