How to contour and highlight face

6:38:00 AM

Hi, Some of friends asked me how can my face looks different when I put makeup,HAHAHA. I answered that's because I have round face and flat nose so when I did contour and highlight, at least in picture my face looks better :P. I kept this video for so long, because I was lazy to edit this video *my bad. However, accidentally my best friend asked me for this tutorial. Because I'm a good friend :P *I hope, I did quick edit for this video. Even my video hasn't perfect yet. I hope it will help you who is learning about how to contour and highlight face :)
Now, you will understand why I prefer contouring than strobing XD. Flat nose, chubby cheeks, and round face,hehe. It doesn't mean I don't like my natural contour, I like it because chubby cheeks make me looking younger than my real age :P.
What I exactly need for contouring and highlighting face *My magic tools :P
Scary?huh... I thought that I look funnier *LOL
AAAk, I have high nose *dancing. Of course in real it didn't look that high as a picture :P. At least, my face didn't look flat.
You can check my video if you want to know how I did that or maybe you just want to see my awkward act in this video :P. I will be glad if you're checking my video,hehe
Still the same makeup, I just changed my hijab. What do you think? Does my face look sharper?



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  1. aku juga suka banget Anah contour sama highlight, soalnya jadi ada tulang hidung, hihihii..
    keren videonya Anah <3

    Amanda writer of

    1. Iyaa aku mah apa atuh hidungnya mblesek kl ga di shading XD
      Makasiiiih manda cantik :* :* :*

  2. pro conceal bagus ya, jadi ingin coba juga deh. kapan kapan ingin beli pro conceal ini buat contour..

    1. Iya yg toast jatohnya bagus buat contour, cuma ini kl mau pake harus dikocok dulu kalo ga suka keluar ky minyak gitu

  3. contouring itu nyenengin banget, supaya gak flat gitu wajahnya ya, tapi terkadang... diriku malas berepot ria, jadi biarlah #diseplak hihihi...

    1. Kl aslinya udah oke sih ga usah contour ga pa2 XD

    2. XD tapi kalau lagi salah milih shade foundation mah, wajib contour udah pasti, kalau gak ya buram, eh pucet hahaha

  4. pro conceal bisa beli dimana ya?


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