Home Workouts Part II

October 10, 2015

Haloo, I didn't make the first post about home workouts as part I but I think that I need to collect my home workouts video which I've ever done. I don't wanna talk about what function of workout to healthy body because my life style isn't healthy enough. If you read my first post http://bit.ly/1Hub38B , I talked bit about what are the benefits of did home workouts. In this post I just wanna share my experience about my workouts lately. Actually, I'm a person who is easier to get bored with stagnant activities. I was enjoying zumba and bangra dance but I thought I need to change my home workouts so I feel more enthusiast for workout. I chose pilates, but I didn't stay as long as the first ones because I got bored easily *I don't know why.
Those are the videos which I chose as my home workouts in two months :)
Btw, If you're curious why I decided to do home workouts routinely, I'm not in a strict diet everyone. However I'm enjoying my workouts daily activity. I chose to do workout after office time. You know what, sometimes, I feel tired, bad day, and stressed in the end of the day. It would make me feel mellow dramatic in the night *lol. Workout helps me a lot to go away anything happens in that day. I feel my bad things is gone and is refreshing my mind. After I spent much of sweats and I took a bath, I was feeling great and happy :). If you're passing heartbroken times, try to workout or spend your time in gym :). Believe me it's quite work for making happier. Of course, I'm not being broken heart right now :P but I think it will works for passing it :).
Please give me support and suggestion what another home workouts which I can try :) I have super lazy day to workout lately :(. I will appreciate much in you give me comments :) I want to get back my spirit to workout :(
Have a nice weekend everyone ^^



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