FOTD: Halloween Alert!!!

October 09, 2015


Haiii, October is my favorite month because it's time to play with some makeup characters. Fine, I can play it anytime I want but I'm not really expert about that and sometimes I'm lazy to do that. However in October, I feel got an enthusiasm *lol. It's almost mid of October, but I haven't time yet to create makeup for Halloween so I opened my old album which I created but I haven't share yet in my blog. I created weird makeup if I got bored *lol. Therefore, they aren't the new ones so I don't give any tutorial, I promise I will created the new ones :). 
Let see my inspiration for Halloween XD
Tiger makeup is one of easy look for Halloween. You just need orange eyeshadow, black and white face painting or eyeliner in cream, and black or dark lipstick. I never thought that it can change my whole face, my friends who I sent that picture said "that scary, it's not you" hahaha
do you notice my mustache?*lol*
What kind that smile? nyahaha 
*I called it tiger small :P*

This look is still the pretty one hahaha. I prefer a scary or silly makeup in Halloween. However, this look is suitable too for Halloween. I did that because I saw makeup tutorial from a famous beauty youtubers Michelle Phan. That looks is about creating dimensions of face so your face is looking bit rigid or maybe 3D *lol. She said it's a futuristic look :)
I played with metallic eyeshadow and created a deep eyelid. For lips I also made it looks dimensions, with created ombre in left and right side of the lips. I also made my face more slimmer but still got some dimensions. I was shading my nose became slimmer than my usual look because michelle made her nose very pointed and small.
My closer look, of course I'm not as pretty as Michelle or my makeup isn't that perfect likes her work, hehehe. However, I love her idea about futuristic look, that's why I recreated her look XD.
I like her quote "That’s why being a little adventurous and living to the fullest is a must. When it comes to your look, never steer away from an opportunity to be daring". I'm kind a person who challenge myself with new and different things in anyway,including my style :). 
I'm searching for Halloween makeup look ideas which I will create later. Do you have a suggestion what should I create? 



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    Keren deh mbak! Aku gak bisa bikin gituan, males hapusnya sih sebenarnya XD Dulu pernah pas halowin ria gitu aku dandan ganguro, terus anakku melotot kaget pas liat XDD~ Ini kalau aku bikin tiger, dia bisa nelpon pihak kebun binatang TROLOL

    Keren mbak keren! Salut dah~ <333333

    1. hahaha makasiih mba :)
      iya ya kl udh punya anak, bisa histeris ya kl dandan aneh2, buahaha biar mamanya diangkut ke kebun binatang yak :P anaknya ikut didandanin aja mau ga mba? huehehe

      makasiiih byk mba :* :* ayook bikin juga makeup halloween tp ga ush yg serem xD

    2. Gak mau mah diaaaa~ Kata dia gak mau jadi kayak cewek XD Aku kasi lipbalm biar bibirnya gak kering aja gak mau XD;; Dikasi lotion biar badannya gak kering juga ogah2an gitu, harus dipaksa XD;;

      Ah iya bentar lagi halloween yak XD Romantic look aja biar bisa kedip sana sini #plak XDDD

    3. hahahaha lucuuu banget sih, cb didandani ala kartun yg dia suka :P
      mba mba inget yang di rumah mba huehehehe

  2. Aaaaaaak itu yang atas lucuuuuk aku kira pake mask animal gitu >.<

  3. keren banget yang tiger makeupnya. but it doesnt look scary at all, it's cute hahaha
    nice to hop into your blog~~


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