Wednesday Dress Up: I'm a good girl

September 09, 2015

Hai all, The title is so random XD. I don't have any idea for this outfit and when I looked my pictures, I thought that "OMG, I look a like a good girl" *I'm a good girl, of course :P*. I mean no makeup makeup look isn't me, I like something bold, even though for everyday I prefer no makeup (re: bare face). But if I did I prefer something bold, bold lipstick, bold eyeliner, and always do contouring *I realize my face is so flat,hehe*. However, some of friends just asked me about no makeup makeup look.
 Here I'm with no makeup makeup look. I'm such a sweet and good girl *lol*
I got a top from nrh.fornabilia I'm obsessed with this top from the first time I saw this top in instagram *lol*. Day by day this kind of top is going famous and  some of brands launch kinda similar model of the top. I don't know, maybe I saw it first at nabilia's instagram or the designer is too pretty when she wore this top *lol* so I wasn't interested in any other brands which have a similar models.
This top is unique because you can play with tails in right and left side. You can tie with one knot like that.
 *sorry for weird pose, I didn't have any reason why I pose like that HAHAHA*
You also can tie become a ribbon. I like this top much because the left and right tails *lol*. The tail is making the top is unique, isn't? XD. You can also mix and match with different skirts or trousers. I saw some #OOTD with different of bottom clothes and it's just perfect for any of it.
Top: nrh.fornabilia
Skirt: icons
hijab: kaffah scarf 
No makeup makeup look, my face isn't change much *lol* but I don't look pale. I like to put ombre lips in my no makeup makeup, If  a person doesn't really interested in makeup, she just didn't notice if I'm using lipstick. My office friend ever said to me, "omg you're using a lipstick today" *I was using a hot pink lipstick on that day*. Of course I'm using lipsticks everyday but I choose ombre lips for everyday look so sometimes they just didn't notice it :). If you want tutorial video for no makeup makeup, please let me know :)
bag: ciciero bag
For the colors, purple and green are color block  but it depends a kind of color. Both are pastel so I think it isn't much to mix and match them.
What do you think about my OOTD? do I look a good girl? *lol*



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  1. Ahh the top is gorgeous, I like the "tails" loose tho it makes the top and the wearer look flattering ❤️💜❤️💜

    And I think this makeup makes you look sweet! And look at that glow omg ❤️

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

    1. I like it too :)
      aaak Thank you sayang :* :* :*


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