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September 21, 2015


I'm not quite popular to have haters. Sometimes I got some bad emails or comments, but I didn't take it seriously, maybe just random prankster *lol. However, in my real life, I got many unpleasant comments. I'm used to deafening my ears. If I got bad comments I choose to keep silent and never repay what they said to me. I can keep silent because I've people who are loving me, giving me a support and accepting me no matter how bad I'm. Sometimes, I can't find a reason why they treat me like that. I just wanna say I'm a human too who have a feeling, please give me a little respect. Not everyone hates me because of jealousy *I didn't see anything that they can envy from me*. Sometimes I had been thinking what I've done to them, why they hate me but I didn't have any clues. I respect people who said in front of me if they don't like me or if I was wrong, but I don't like people who are talking me behind. Someday, I was surprised that realize someone hates me and I never think about him, not even once and I was starting questioning why they did that to me.
When people are treating me bad, sometimes I think that I won't forgive them after what they've done to me. However, I think twice and end up with I pretend nothing happens, I choose to smile to people who were talking me behind or treating me bad. Believe me, I'm tend to an ignorant person than a sensitive person, but I'm a girl too who have bad mood *mostly in my period, hehe*. What I'm learning today is, in life we can't expect that every person will be nice to you even you're trying for being good person.
If they hate you love them back :). I read that quote in #88lovelife book. Ya, this is really true if you wanna become a winner just smile and be nice to them.
 Hey you! I don't have a time to take a sh*t of you
..... and Sorry, I'm busy for being awesome,nyahaha



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  1. Nice post mbaaaak~

    Aku juga ngalamin sih, terkadang ada aja yang bikin gregetan ya, padahal udah berusaha untuk di jalan selurus lurusnya gitu .___.

    Barusan juga gitu, ada yang komen di blog aku, nyakitin banget deh, tapi ya sudlah aku iyain aja biar cepet hahaha...

    1. *hug* iya yuk cuekin aja orang kaya gitu and spread positive vibes only ^_^


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