Monday Quotes (8)

September 14, 2015

Today I realize something that there is no regret being nice to people. I'm not working on the private company so I don't know how it feel when your client gives him/her trust and someday they will come back to you. I won't talk about being nice to client but being nice to every person. I know sometimes in life you will meet  some person who don't treat you  in a good way. Sometimes it's hurt when you're trying to be nice but they did an opposite way. Ya that's life there is a good and bad person. I just wanna say thank you for anyone who always nice to me. I know my hormonal isn't setting to be good every day. Sometimes I'm an annoying person but I'm trying to be nice to anyone. Sometimes I feel lazy to reply some emails or messages just for saying thank you or sorry, when I remember that I feel happy if there is a person appreciate me or being nice to me, I immediately replied that email or said thank you even though they just do a simple thing to me.



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