DIY: Turmeric mask

September 17, 2015

The part of home treatment which I can't skip is using face mask. Ya, I'm crazy about mask, any of mask type. I've third or forth  mask times in a week. I wanna share about my savior mask. My face didn't born perfect so I've a lot of drama *up and down* with my skin. Believe me, I do much effort to treat my face. I had stories with acne and purging and I was tired to consume any chemical skin care product and I decided to stop all of this and put a turmeric mask almost everyday. Ya, it was my struggling story, now my skin hasn't already perfect but not bad laaa XD. However, turmeric mask still be my favorite. I don't use it as often some years ago but I use it maybe once a week.
I think that Turmeric mask is easiest DIY mask. I'm not DIY person type, if I do that it means that's super easy XD.
Materials that you need to make turmeric mask :). Simple, right? I think anyone can get this materials easily. The first is water, Ya you just need clean water, you don't need to put your water in spray bottle, just preparing a clean water. 2nd is hand sanitizer, I'm not cleanliness freak, but for my face, I have some rules, like I never use same towel with my body to wipe my face. I'm always using tissue. Because of that I've to make sure that everything that I use is clean and hygienic. I used hand sanitizer to sterilize my hand and mask pot. 3rd, You need turmeric powder, you can get that in traditional market, stall, groceries mart or supermarket.
 Some benefits of turmeric (
1. Signs of Ageing. Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent and can help you defeat the signs of ageing. 
2. Wrinkles .You can use turmeric in combination with other ingredients to manage your wrinkle woes. Add raw milk and tomato juice to rice powder and turmeric powder. This will work the best for dark circles and wrinkles. Turmeric-honey paste can be applied on the face and neck to help exfoliate skin and keep a check on pores. 
3. Acne. Not only does turmeric take care of the scars and inflammation but also reduce oil secretion by sebaceous glands. 
4. Stretch marks. Mixture of besan (gram flour) and turmeric in yoghurt/raw milk/water can help women lighten the stretch marks.  
5. Cracked heels. Apply a mixture of coconut oil/castor oil and turmeric powder on cracked heels preferably 15 minutes before you head to take a bath.
The steps are:
1. Prepare the materials above.
2. Clean hand and mask pot with handsanitizer.
3. Pour turmeric powder and water
4. Mix turmeric powder with water until it becomes paste
Yay, times to put turmeric mask in whole face. The scent of turmeric mask is herb smell, I love herbs smell. If your acne is worst you will feel little bit smarting but not that pain like mud mask. It was fine at all.But if your face in a good condition, it was fine at all.
The most frequently question if I tell my friends about turmeric mask is "does your face turn to yellow after used it? hahaha". Ya it does :) But not that yellow, you can see my face above. Why I choose turmeric powder isn't the original turmeric, because original turmeric will leave yellow stain which is difficult to remove until few days. If I used a toner after that my cotton will turn into yellow. Sensation after using this mask is my face feel clean and fresh. Some of whiteheads or acne will dry up and I can take some whiteheads. It also can reduce oil in my face. I think that this mask is perfectly for oily skin. When I got worse purging, this mask is my savior, I was stopping use any of skincare product because I was tired that products doesn't work at all. After my acne calm, I was starting use my skin care routine product again. For a girl, once in a month, my skin is going purging *in my period time*, this is a perfect time to use turmeric mask. 
If you have acne problem you should try this mask :) Natural ingredients won't leave any negative effect :) But, You must be patient about the effect, but I prove it for some years and I always back to this mask.
Have a nice day everyone :)



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  1. iyaaaaah.. kunyit kena tangan aja beberapa hari nggak ilang, apalagi di templokin kewajah ya?? hehehe.. btw, untung wajah nya nggak berubah jd warna hijau, bisa2 malah kaya HULK yaak??
    btw.. terimakasih atas info nya cantik :*

    1. ember, makanya aku ga mau pake kunyit asli takut besok paginya wajah aku kuning-kuning,
      kl berubah jadi HULK lucu juga kayaknya wkwkwkwk
      sama2 mba dine :* :*


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