Colourpop Lippie stix bossy matte review

September 05, 2015


Hi everyone, YAY it's Saturday^^ I will share one of my favorite lipsticks. It becomes my favorite because I love the shade. Yap, It's definitely RED lipstick and it's matte. If you're a beauty enthusiast you should known the brand, ya Colourpop. One of affordable lipstick brands, but now I see everything just being pricey because dollar up to 14000 IDR HAHAHA.
I like the packaging because the shape likes lip liner. It looks simple, not look a like high end brand but I like the white color with silver print of the brand. At the bottom of lip pencil shows the color of shade. The packaging is travel friendly and quite sturdy. I was afraid of the lipstick will be broken but I bring it everywhere and It was fine.
The tip can be twist, the twist tip also show the color of the shade. I'm little bit skeptical about the lipstick which can be broken because I'm such a careless person HAHAHA. However, thanks God, It didn't happen.
I love the shade much, bossy matte is definitely the kind of red which I'm looking for. I was googling for the swatches and I don't know exactly how many colors that we can choose. I think that so many *.*.
I was searching for ingredients, but I didn't find anywhere, not in the box not in the packaging. Maybe there is a flyer, but I forgot that because I was purchasing this lipstick few months ago.
USA lipstick brand which is $5 for 0.035 oz. If I live in USA, I will purchasing this lipstick like crazy Hahaha.
We love Fur Babies. I'm being confuse what it means *lol*
I like the silver print^^
Matte and creamy lipstick which has a vanilla scent, I smelt such a sweet vanilla scent in the lipstick but when I applied it I can't really smell and feel any taste of it. The finishing is matte, not hydrating but not drying, the texture is lightweight, smooth and comfortable. I like how it blend evenly on my lips, not patchy at all even my lips is drying. It suppose to be long wearing lipstick but It's a medium. I don't know maybe the shade is red or it happens in any shade but after I eat the lipstick has gone. It leaves the stain in a glass. However, it will stay until 4 hours if I didn't eat a heavy meals. 

 I was purchasing some of red lipsticks, but it's the first time I was falling in love with this shade. The color is sheer but it still has plenty of pigment so the color is quite vivid. It's also easy to erase, because I've a trouble with matte lipstick when I erased it. But I can remove it with my Maybelline makeup remover. I thought when I wash with facial wash it can be removed too XD
My favorite style ever. No thick makeup or contouring, just simple makeup but red lipstick will save my look. Some of friends just asked me how to be confident with red lipstick? I don't know just be confident hahaha. If there are some people think that red lipstick is too much but believe me some of them will think the opposite way :P. I felt surprised when someone said to me that he likes me on red lipstick XD, I thought that every man hates girls in red lipstick, but not all of them :P. Fine, maybe the tips is  if you love something, don't be afraid to show it and don't be afraid of what anybody else think hahaha
Red is gorgeous too with heavy makeup XD. Not everyday uses but it such a glamour look. You can see how red can show how brave you're in different way *lol*. Which one do you like?

The verdict

- simple and lovely design of packaging
- the texture is lightweight, smooth, and comfortable
- nice and sweet vanilla scent
- affordable price
- matte, not hydrating but it won't drying my lips
- easy to remove
- not really long wearing lipstick, all of the color is gone after eating
- it leaves stain in a glass

Can you suggest which colourpop shade that  I should purchase later?




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  1. I just got one as a birthday gift :)..yang warnanya favee :)

    1. hihihi yg ungu shade apa ya? aku mupeng hampir semua warna loh >,< rasanya pengen punya semua :P

  2. namanya keren yah hahaha, cakep ihh <3

    1. heeh, aku milih ini juga krn namanya XD bossy, jd kl make berasa feel like a boss *maksa bgt* hahahaha

  3. Warna merahnya bagus yaa.... tapi sayang ga tahan lama..

    1. iya bagus merahnya, sbnrnya lmyn tahan kok tp kalau buat makan yg lumayan berat aja dia agak ilang

  4. Kecil lucu.. warnanya bagus ^^
    Pengen cobain warna2 keunguan.. kayak leather. Seru .hehhe

    Thanks reviewnya

    1. iyaaa, imut kan packagingnya, kalau ellen pasti kece pake yg keunguan gitu.
      My pleasure :)

  5. aaakkhhh~ warna merah nya cantikk... aku belum nyobain lipstick ini karena belinya online sih, hehehe.. jadi naksir deh, lucu sih..

    1. iya belinya online, yuk cuk beli juga hahaha *ngeracun*

  6. packagingnya so lovely! nice review :)

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