Wednesday Dress Up: When Red meets Black and White

August 05, 2015

Hi, today is #OOTD time hehe. Do you ever feel lazy to mix and match outfits in your closet? I did many times hahaha. But if I would go to special occasion and laziness become my excuse I will play with safe outfit. This picture is taken in Lebaran Day 2 when I went to my father's family. I didn't know why I'm so lazy for choosing outfit that day, even though it was Lebaran day hahaha. So I chose black pencil skirt and simple white blouse. I didn't want look like an intern or a waitress in black and white so I put a something colorful, not really colorful but red XD. Ya, I love red, red bags, red shoes, red hijab and red lipstick of course. I love red lipstick more than any lipstick colors Hahaha *don't judge me :P*. Of course I was using red lipstick too but I went to the beach to catch up the sunset and I has already did a lot of activities in whole day and again I was lazy to touch up my lipstick HAHAHAHA
I like the wind at the beach in the late afternoon. It blows up everything, little bit annoying but I like it because it blows my mind too :P. Beach always be my family favorite vacation. We just love the wind, the sand and the wave. We were playing and forgetting the time until my dad called us that time is up *lol*
Top: unbranded
skirt: kivee
hijab: unbranded
watch: mango

What're left from my family vacation :)
Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound
It looks like an usual sunset picture. In real, believe me it was so beautiful. I always feel so blessed. SubhanAllah, Allah is the best and greatest creator and I just remembering that we should never feel alone because Allah with us.
I can't take a jump picture yet successfully, but I was success to capture them in a jump pose *I think :P*. One of my favorite picture because I was the person who was capturing this picture :P and I like their smile, they look so happy HAHAHA
Happy Wednesday :)



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