Wednesday dress up: Red Draped Skirt VS Peplum Top

August 12, 2015

Hi, it's Wednesday  XD my idea for make a post every Wednesday enough success for me to regularly posting on my blog. Like "OMG, it has already Tuesday I wasn't editing my picture yet" and I will hurry to edit and make a new post HAHAHA. 
I love skirt, if you know me in real life, my everyday style is SKIRT SKIRT and SKIRT. I want highlight what style skirt which I used, because some friends said your skirt has unique model, what they call it? FYI, its draped skirt.
top: unbranded (I got from ITC Kuningan) 
 hijab: unbranded 
 I love the color and the draped which fallen pretty on the front side ehehehe. The back is longer than the front side, it's pretty but I didn't really like it if I use a flat shoes. The back will be sweeping the floor *lol*
If you want to know the kind of skirt, I got this picture from pinterest, it's nice information because sometimes I don't know which kind of skirt that I use :). I like most of them as long as it doesn't make me look fat :P. Recently, my favorite is pencil skirt, maybe some people will say it will make you look smaller but I love to wear pencil skirt and of course with my lovely heels.
I think orange with red isn't bad at all. I prefer use color block when I dress up hahaha. I don't really like using hijab that match perfectly with the clothes. At least, I will choose up or bellow the tone color of clothes, not exactly the same.
Peplum top again and again hahaha. I have so many peplum tops, I just love how peplum nicely swell in my waist. 
I prefer simple hijab style in informal event  or maybe office look
Drapery hijab is more suitable for special occasion. You just need to add some hijab accessories if you want more glamour look :)
Beside draped skirt, my favorite hijab style is drapery hijab. I often did drapery style but it different each others, I did randomly. This is happen when I made video drapery hijab tutorial, pardon me it's bit different with the OOTD pictures above. It doesn't matter laah XD
I'm a newbie for making a video tutorial, but I'm trying my best, unfortunately the music background is little bit strange because my audio has already deleted by You tube and I'm lazy to re-upload the new one  HAHAHA. However, please support me, watch my video then subscribe and like, I will give you virtual kisses if you do that HAHAHA
Happy Wednesday :*



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  1. bookmark to favourite ^o^... Aku lg belajar cara2 pakai hijab yg simple tp bgs mba..suka deh liat videomu... :)sprtinya gampang...

  2. dengan budget yang tidak terlalu mahal, bisa punya baju dengan padu padan yang pas ya.
    looks great on you :)


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