Natur Hair Serum Protecting Treatment Review

August 23, 2015

Hi, it's been a while I didn't write a review product. I miss it a lot because my office job has going crazy which is I must to work overnight :( Yeah, but it's Saturday, right? hihi. Even I still go to the office at Saturday night *lol* but I think the world will be fine if I make one post :P. I wanna share about hair serum from NATUR. If you mention about the brand before, I think they're enough famous for shampoo brand. 
NATUR will launch hair serum in August. They claim that it's protecting hair treatment product which is containing from natural active oil & Vitamin E. Firstly, I expected that it likes usual hair serum which has a liquid texture. But let see the real product :)
Natur hair serum contains from natural ingredients. I think Natur want to highlight the natural ingredient thing. Who is prefer natural than chemical ingredients? Sometimes, I attracted with natural ingredients claim hahaha. It helps to treat, nourish and maintain hair moisturize and black shiny hair :) Ya, tangled and dry hair always be my hair problem. My hair isn't really dry but I've tangled hair *meh. So, when Natur sent me this product I was too excited for trying this babies XD. 
The claim  
It helps to treat, nourish and maintain hair moisturize and black shiny hair. Enriched with vitamin E as an antioxidant that treating hair sterngth due to breakage and splits end.
When I saw the box I just thought that it likes natur shampoo which have black box with gold letter. Maybe I will call hair oil later in my post because I've wrong expectation when I read the claim that say it's a hair serum. I didn't expect that it has oily texture not liquid texture. Natur hair oil has pump plastic bottle, ya like another hair oil products in the market, the packaging is pump. It will make easier to use. The packaging isn't look sturdy but it's travel friendly because it's plastic bottle. I've experience brought this product but it spilled :(. Maybe I didn't close the cap tightly XD. My thought about the design is simple and illustrates that it contains from natural ingredients *lol*. 
It enriched with vitamin E as an antioxidant. I know that hair need an antioxidant too, because now days, we can deny that ours environment has affected by pollution. 
When I read this direction I highlight the words avoid scalp. Ya because it's hair oil, use it only in hair shaft not in scalp. It will make drenched hair if you use in scalp *maybe* I never try it hahaha
the pump bottle
The texture is oily and sticky because it's an oil *lol. The smell is fresh and sweet *it's kind of fruity smell. If I applied on my wet hair, I feel my hair is smoother when my hair dries. Maybe the function isn't like hair tonic to strengthen the hair but when my hair isn't tangled anymore and easy to comb, it will be reducing hair falls too. I love hair oil because it's very easy to maintain from tangled hair. However, I didn't really like it when I applied in dry hair, when I didn't use after cleaning my hair. It will make my hair is drenched not smoother again. It will make my bad hair day is going worse. I think I prefer describe that my hair is dry not oily. I don't know maybe the texture is so oily, because my experience with hair oil is they can use in dry or wet hair. Both of them will make my hair smoother :). Unfortunately, it isn't :(. After I used around 2 weeks, my hair texture is much better than before. My hair falls are bit reducing :) I think the claim is right but I don't know about black shinny effect because my hair isn't black anymore *lol*. 

The verdict

- I like the pump bottle
- easy to use, I don't need to rinse off my hair
- it has sweet and fresh smell
- helps maintain hair moisture
- reducing tangles hair and hair falls
- my hair is being drenched when I used it in my dry hair

What your favorite hair oil? share with me :)
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  1. waduh, pake hair oil ya, aku jarang pake apa-apa lagi buat rambut selain sampo dan conditioner :"

    1. Iyap, mnrtku hair oil lbh efektif biar ga kusut pas disisir kl conditioner aja biasanya msh ttp kusut


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