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August 18, 2015

Hi, sorry for late posting, I saw this quote one week ago at @sociolla instagram. I agree with this quote so I bookmarked it :). Recently, some of girls asked me how to be pretty? :) I asked them back do you ever feel pretty? Sometimes, I think so :). I'm just scared about pretty stereotype now days. Like every beauty advertisement says pretty is white and clear skin, maybe like porcelain :P, slim, tall, high nose, v shape chin, big eyes and maybe shiny hair. Don't be wrong I'm beauty enthusiast and adore all of about beauty. However, I'm just sad why so many girls/ women being unconfident because they're not exactly what society define about how pretty woman is.

bare face :)
Looking back when I'm a high school girl. I remember that there is no person that asked me a question how to be pretty hahaha. Of course physically, I'm not that pretty, because I'm a super petite girl, I'm not slim, my nose meh not sharp at all, v shape chin? not at all, I'm super chubby, so I look funnier that anyone else :P. I don't deny that in the past I want be taller and slimmer girl :) But, right now, if you ask me "do you want to be a tall girl?" I will say "nope". Why not petite girl is cute, isn't it? I can wear heels without worrying I will look alike giraffe *lol*. I say that doesn't mean tall girl is bad, you can see in positive way too.
I started to remember when people began to realize about what I wore. People started hey, your shirt is cute, where did you buy it? or Hey, I like your lipstick shade, which brand that you're wearing?. It happens when I'm not complaining about my self *my physical appearance*. While trends are always evolving, I never follow it if it's not my style. I never wear cloth which is I'm not comfortable. Please just don't! Don't wear any clothes if you're unconfidence wearing it :) You're more precious than one dress which is make you feel unconfidence about your self.
  makeup has already done :)
Believe me, if you always comfort about yourself people will see you in a good way too. But if you're always complaint about anything, people never see you in pretty way. For example, hey, don't you think my lipstick is too bold?, maybe some people will answer "I think so". The words that you say give suggestion to others for seeing you how do you see yourself. However if you're wearing bold lipstick and you're being confidence about that, I think some people will say "I think bold lipstick is also suitable for her even her skin isn't fair" :).
half makeup done ;)
When I said you're not to be that pretty to feel pretty. They're just saying you can say that because you're good in makeup and you can make yourself prettier, HAHAHA. I love makeup because I feel happy when I pick lipstick to wear everyday, because I'm happy to make thick eyebrow, because sometimes putting makeup can make my mood better. Ya, I never think about what people say, I don't really care about when people have bad opinion about girl who is wearing makeup. When people don't like my lipstick color, I don't really care because when I put it I feel happier. You don't have to be good in makeup if you're prefer not too :). Your life is yours, you can choose what do you think better:). Don't make anything ruin your confidence, not a dress, not a makeup, not a beauty advertisement, not  what people say about being pretty :). If you like for dressing up and putting makeup, common you can do it as you like. But if you prefer not too, it doesn't mean you're not pretty. You're not to be ashamed because you're on diet or eating much, as long as you do it for your self, because you love yourself. There is always people who said bad about you even you've to be nice person, just ignore them :). I believe that always people that's seeing you in a pretty way if you've positive mind. There are a lot of pretty words which can describe you, SMART, KIND, BRAVE, TOUGH, HAPPY and of course CONFIDENCE :)
Every girl deserves to feel pretty whatever what people describe about being pretty :)
I made something fun with half makeup done in my face, what do you think? weird, isn't it? My face is asymmetric *lol*. Btw, you can see it clearly hahaha, is not that different right? left and right? :P There're a lot of conditions that I comfort with my right face *bare face*. I think that all poses is weird, but I found the one that I'm not that weird with half makeup done :P
I think It's better HAHAHA
I think that I talked *wrote too much in this post :) 
Bye everyone:)



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