Monday Quotes (2): Stilettos

August 03, 2015


It has been Monday ^^. Monday is a great start, isn't it? :P I found a quote from Harriet Morgan and I like it, because I love using stilettos, HAHAHA. Ya, stilettos not wedges, not boots, not pumps, not clogs. Almost of people who're see me in stiletto just asking question "Is that hurt?" Sometimes I answered I'm used to wear it, sometimes I just smiled or laugh. Honestly, I love using stiletto, so I never see that pain :P. Fine, if the high heels around 8 cm believe me I'm fine all day wearing it but if I was using maybe 12/13 cm, ya, I can't deny in the end of the day I feel my foot is stiffness and painful, but I was fine. What I need just to massage my feet with an oil massage and go to sleep. I will be fine when I woke up in the morning,hahaha.
When I tell the truth about that to my friend, she was saying "Really? I can't resist from the pain, but I admit that is pretty, don't you?" I answered "I don't because I love it not because I must using it". Maybe first time I tried for using stilettos because I need that shoes. As time goes, I'm starting to love it. I realize that I love using stilettos because I miss my stilettos so bad HAHAHA. I don't able for using it now T,T. Even, when I walk to the store my eyes glanced to the stilettos not others :P and I'm still buying stilettos even though I don't know when I'm able to wear it hahaha.

So, enough for stiletto and me,hehehe. Everybody has  problems, I know that, every person is struggling in their own battle. But, why sometimes we see person who looks sad all day or she like the most miserable person in this world hahaha. Hey come on, you can't be like that, let's be positive about everything. Don't let negative vibes around you :)
Start now and forever let's spread positive vibes in our lives.
Happy Monday^^



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  1. pakai heels merk apa yang nyaman di kaki?

    1. sbnernya nemu heels yg nyaman itu gampang2 susah, bisa jadi merk nya sama, tapi belum tentu sama2 nyaman di kaki,hehe jadi trial and error saja kl aku XD

  2. Replies
    1. aku suka charles n keith, vinci, itu sih yg keinget merknya, lainnya lupa merknya apa hehehe


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