La Splash: Lip Couture Waterproof Liquid Lipstick Review

July 29, 2015

Recently, a lot of brands launch matte lipstick, I get confused which ones should I buy? I want them all *lol*. Ya one of matte lipstick which is affordable is La Splash Lip Couture. There are 17 colors that you can choose, I chose malevolent, if you ask why I chosen this shade which isn't wearable for everyday uses hahaha. I don't know, recently I just pick lipstick which has bold shade. Maybe I'm getting older *lol*. 
la splash
Believe me some friends asked me why I able to wear this lipstick hahaha, because I'm happy If I wear it even I look scary :P
la splash
The packaging made from plastic, you don't need to worry for bringing it anywhere you go.
la splash
Design of packaging is so standard, transparent tube with gold lid. However I'm not packaging person so it's totally fine.
la splash
I've been craving to use this shade and I feel so happy when the first time I used it *lol*. This shade be my favorite lipstick color for 1 weeks, anywhere I go I used this color hahaha. However I don't dare to use it at the office. I dare you to do it and mention me if you do :D
la splash
This lipstick comes with applicator. I love the applicator because it's easier to flatten the liquid in my lips than another liquid lipstick brand. Even though I layered the lipstick, the applicator can give smooth finish.
la splash
la splash
First time I swatch it I love it because it's not creamy. The texture not too thick or too liquid but it's drying up a bit longer. But I hate the scent, it's so disturbing, I can't describe how it smell but it smells very chemicals. 
la splash
It make my lips little bit dry, I need to make sure that my lips on good condition *not cracking condition* and use lip balm before apply it. Is that really waterproof? hmmm maybe yes, it didn't transfer to my glass while I was drinking but if I ate there are some flakes that is fallen to my food and it's little bit annoying. How long it stays? If I didn't eat maybe it was staying a day but like I said before  the flake was fallen if I ate T,T. 

I suggest you to have sea butter lip couture remover since it's hard to remove. My makeup remover can't remove that lipstick, for the first time I'm little bit skeptical because it's very hard to remove and I didn't wanna buy lip couture makeup remover. Now, I have solution for it, I think that you can remove it using cleansing oil because I could remove it using olive oil
Foto kiriman Uswatun Khasanah (@anah_ofisuredii) pada


- matte finish
- I kinda love that color, but almost of the shades aren't wearable for everyday uses
- the applicator is easier to apply lipstick evenly
- waterproof
- it kinda drying in my lips, you need to scrub and moisten your lips regularly 
- it can flake
- the texture is bit longer to dry up
- hard to remove

I read a good review for the bright shade of La Splash Lip Couture, so I still wanna purchase another shade next time. How about you? have you even try it?
Happy International Lipstick Day^^



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  1. Warnanya serem ya. Tapi dikulit kamu cocok karena putih. Cakep jadinya...
    Kalau di aku mah jadi wewe gombel ( ._.)/
    Anyway, salam kenal ya ^ ^


    1. iya emang serem sih, hehe aku juga kok dikatain nenek lampir :P
      salam kenal juga^^


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