L'oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Star Lipstick Review

March 09, 2015

Hello everyone, I'm back with lipstick review, woman never enough with lipsticks, right?XD L'oreal Paris has new color riche collection star lipsticks. You know what, I always impress with all color of L'oreal lipstick. When I went to the store, I could try a lot of shades like crazy people and the beauty advisor will staring at me *lol*. Lucky me, I got 3 shades of color riche collection star lipstick in last L'oreal Beauty Box. This color riche lipsticks have celebrities signature
l'oreal paris color riche
Barely Plum by Sonam Kapoor, Barely Moka by Gong Li, Barely Greige by Jennifer Lopez (L-R)
l'oreal paris color riche
Like another L'oreal lipstick series, collection star has gold and classy packaging with a shade color button which helps you to pick the shade easily. I love love L'oreal lipsticks including the packaging. They're drugstore product but the quality is great and the packaging doesn't look cheap at all. L'oreal pack  their lipstick with gold theme so it looks so classy and elegant.
l'oreal paris color riche
*sorry, I was typo it's supposed to be "barely moka"
I'm attracted by barely moka, I didn't know the shade seems unique in my opinion. Collection star lipsticks have unique shades because each shade has "barely" on the name of shades, it means the color is just barely not bold hehe
Let's see how the swatches on my lips :)
l'oreal paris color riche
Barely moka looks great but I think it's not suitable for any skin color. Sometimes I feel that the color makes my look little bit dull if I'm on messy face *lol*. Barely greige will save my day if I didn't want to be center of attention or be invisible,hehehe. Barely plum is so soft,sweet,and young, it's just perfect If I want to look like good and sweet girl *lol*
l'oreal paris color riche
Start with barely moka, I saw on some people it's look little bit orange but for me the color as close as brown. Btw, it's my favorite, I will look more mature and elegant *tsah*. Glossy and pigmented, somehow I feel my lips look more volume. The color won't stay all day because it's glossy and creamy but the stain was. Maybe, it was staying until 5 hours if you didn't eat or drink, but it was gone after you eat. Lipstick also leave stains on glass, if you drink.
l'oreal paris color riche
Barely greige, one word to describe that color is pale. However it's perfect if you combine with bold eyes makeup. I pick that color if I didn't have idea what lipstick color for today. Among the three of shades, this color is easiest to disappear. The texture is creamy and glossy, it will make your look pale if you going with no makeup *my everyday look,hehe*
l'oreal paris color riche
The last shade is barely plum, I love this color just because it's so me. I have some lipsticks shade as same as barely plum, sometimes I just being bored to play safe. But, it's looking nice, isn't it? It also has same texture like both above, but I think that barely plum is less glossy. Barely plum also won't stay long a day and will be gone after eat. Even it's glossy and creamy but it won't make my lips look more volume. 
Among the three, they have same texture glossy and creamy. But different shade will have different how the color will staying last long. Barely greige is the most less staying. Barely plum and barely moka are great for fair skin tone, but I think barely greige will save for any skin tone. If you have a volume lips, it will make your lips more volume or big. 
Overall, I love Color Riche Collection Star lipsticks, they have unique color shades. Like I said before I'm a lipstick junkies so I never get enough for lipstick and L'oreal has  impressed me with their lipstick collection, whether it's matte or glossy.
What do you think? which one better on me?hehe
Happy Monday every one :) 



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  1. yg gong li punya pucat sekali ya, tapi cantik bgt deh pucatnya, cocok buat smokey eyes bener :D

    1. iya emang pucet banget, makanya makeup matanya emg hrs yg wow hehehe


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