How to do workouts at home

March 24, 2015

Hello, today I wanna talk about exercise at home. Have you ever feel that your body is getting easily tired? Everyday I don't do strenuous activity, I'm just sitting in my chair on the office. However, I feel that way about one year ago. What's wrong with my beloved body? hmmm... Maybe it's called aging process, my body isn't as fit as  past. So, I decided to do simple exercise at home, because I hate to do workout outdoor. I like to run or go to the gym, but I hate dress up for exercising and I don't like meet many people if I got sweaty *lol*.

A few years ago, I have signed up in the gym where is close to my home so I could go there everyday. Yes, I went there almost everyday and I spent 1 until 2 hours a day. That's amazing for lazy person like me, but it only lasted for one month. Because now, my body urgently need workouts to stay fit, I choose alternative workouts that I can do at home. So, I can't looking for any excuses anymore,hehehe
First, you can find so many videos workouts at home on youtube. But, not every exercise as simple as I imagine or maybe the benefits aren't appropriate with my purposes. I need simple exercise because I try it by my self, I don't have an instructor. Nevertheless, I also want do activities that make me sweaty and burning *lol*
Those are videos which I like to try at home
Video by Linda Elder
You can find them here. I love her video because I can imitate her movement, I tried another videos but ended with frustration,hahaha. I've tried three videos of her, for the first, you can start with beginner series. Her videos are highly recommended  to try at home, it also didn't take much time. You need to set aside just only 30 minutes a day.
Latin dance fitness, beginner 1
Bollywood workout by Doonya
I just bored with my home workout activity, so I looking for another type of home workout. I  saw Bhangra dance at TV and I found Bhangra dance videos at doonya channel. I think is quite simple to try.
I've already downloaded 3 doonya's videos and I do all of them every day, because it just takes few minutes. Don't be wrong, even though it's just few minutes but it was burning,hehe
If you've done any workouts as your routine, you can improve or add more exercises. Don't stay with the same kind of workout for a long time, because your body will get used to do that and it's not overly affect. But, try the simplest one for the first time.
What I like about doing workouts at home is I don't need cloth or shoes for sport, I can use anything which comfortable to do exercises and I shouldn't face anybody. Of course I didn't need makeup for doing workouts *lol*. Tools which I must have are internet to download the video and laptop to watch them,hehehe. You also can choose workouts with or without equipment, just as you prefer. Anytime you prefer to do exercises then do it, you don't need any fix schedule.
What are the benefits for doing home workouts?
I've already done home workout almost one year, I ever stopped for two months without doing that but I continued again. What I feel after I did workouts as a everyday routine:
I get quality of sleep
I'm a person who is less sleep almost everyday, I pay my sleep on the weekend *lol*. Before I do exercises, my body is became weak, I feel sluggish and sleepy every morning. Workout helps me a lot to wake up fresh and ready to hit the day, even if I just slept 4-5 hours at the night *lol*. The important thing is quality sleep not how much do you spend for sleep *my excuse :p*.
I feel my body is more fit that before
If you think that exercise makes your body super tired, you're wrong. I felt tired after I get home after office, but I still tried for taking exercises. Guess what, how I feel after exercise? My body feels fresh. Believe me, sweating is great for making a good mood to do night activities. My breath is also more stable if I do a strenuous activity. I'm rarely get flu even I had some hectic days or weeks. When I live in Jakarta, I feel, "God, I need one day between Sunday and Monday" but Alhamdulillah I never got drop after I took regularly exercises.
It helps metabolism
Ya, I can't deny about workouts will help your metabolism anymore. Anything that should be out from your body will out regularly and naturally *lol*. You can get that benefit without consume supplement or anything, of course consume healthy food is a must,hehe

I don't do that for diet, I didn't target many pounds of my weight are lost. But, I will happy if my weight loss naturally because I'm healthier not because my diet targeted. Of course, I eat any food and I never let myself starve. 
If you have 15 minutes a day to check your sosmed, why you can give your minutes to take a simple exercise? I start with 15 minutes workout and now I do 45 minutes workouts everyday. Believe me, your body will thank to you later :) If you like go to the gym, it's better, you can stay healthy and socializing by making a new friend. However, If you're lazy person like me :P or your home is far away from the gym or there is no track for running, home workout is the best solution :)
Have a nice day and stay fit^^



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  1. Aaaah toss sama banget. Aku juga lagi suka2nya zumba lewat video youtube. 5 lagu aja udah keringetan banget n fun karena lagunya uptodate, gerakannya juga asik..hehe

    1. tooos XD
      yap setuju, zumba emang bikin keringetan banget dan gerakannya seruu, agak free style dan gampang ditiruin

  2. Kak Annah, aku juga baru semingguan ini lagi rajin zumba. Seru bgt pas keringetan tuh segeeeer badan. Aku juga niatnya bukan diet sih, aku cuma pgn makan bebas without worry bb ku bakal nambah dan susah tidur. Dan aku juga donlot2 video zumba tuh hhi males ketempat gym...semoga aku bisa rutin kaya kak annah yaaaa ga cuma semangat pas awal doang
    Nice artikel kak...

    1. good luck ya say, iya banget kan kalau habis zumba bawaannya happy, badan seger, tidur juga nyenyak, awalnya emang berat tapi kalau udah jalan beberapa bulan pasti tubuh jadi ketergantungan kok rasanya ga enak kl ga olahraga :)


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