FOTD: Old Age Makeup

March 16, 2015

Hi all! I love playing fun with makeup,hihi and my last makeup version that I created is old age makeup. Please welcome my face 50 years later if Allah still gives me a chance to breath in this world *amin* Hihihi, I hope my real version is better because women hate wrinkles.
What do you think? am I still pretty? If somebody tell me that I'm pretty in here, I know he/she such a liar :P. I laugh as much as I can when I saw my old version. But makeup is fun, right? You can play become anything that you like, because being pretty is too mainstream in here*lol* 
My mom said you look ugly, don't play a fool makeup, you will be hard to find someone as your mate :P. I don't really care mom, I'm not doing makeup for impressing anybody, I'm having fun with makeup. As long as I'm happy then why I care about what people think about me *lol*
*permisi nenek gayung mau lewat XD*
The important thing to create old age makeup is highlight and anything for shading. I used creamy foundation in dark and bronzer to make wrinkles. I also used light concealer for creating flabby skin. The easiest way to create wrinkles is playing fun with your expression and imagine where your natural wrinkles will appear later hihi. Seriously, it was super fun to make some funny expressions, like frowned you forehead, nose, smile, grim, sullen, etc. You can make as much as you want *lol*. Tools also important to create this look, you better use pointed brush to make wrinkles. I used eyeliner brush so I couldn't make really detailed wrinkles like upper lips wrinkles. 
Besides that, highlight is also important to create old age makeup. Adding highlight in part of the face that possible to get flabby. Old people have flabby on some parts like down eyebrow, upper cheeks, lips and eye bags. I also used light concealer for highlight the wrinkles to make it more visible. After I draw wrinkles and flabby skin part, I just patched my face using loose powder to set makeup. You don't need to cover anything, let your spots and freckles stay on. Imperfection is perfect thing to create old age makeup. I add face painting in white to make my eyebrow and eyelashes to be white like old people. After everything done, let's have fun for taking pictures. Different light will make different look, let's play with light too hihihi
Products that I used
simply stay creamy foundation
L'oreal true match super blendable concealer (warm)
nyx matte bronzer (dark tan)
white stick face painting face deco
88 coastal scent eyes shadow palette
makeover loose powder (02)
masami shouko brushes ( 221 and 311)
I just realize that I used less products than my usual makeup look XD
When I woke up after I made this version I spot some wrinkles more visible on my face hahaha I got panic attack for a while, maybe I draw wrinkles too hard and they still left *lol*. Let's exterminate wrinkles as early as possible hehehe. I will consume mermaid meat *kidding*. From now, I promise to my self to more workout and eat healthy food, I hope it will minimize aging process :). I will less smile to prevent aging because I'm scared with my old age version *lol*
Wherefore it was super fun so I tag all of you to create old age makeup hihi
Hope your Monday will be nice, love you guys^^



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