L'oreal White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Derm White Essence Review

February 12, 2015

Hola, how're you guys? I was lazy to make a blog post in February so this is my first post in this month. I got this essence from L'oreal Beauty Box in January. I haven't shown you the contain of box yet but I will share to you one of them. When I opened the box, I was excited about this essence. My skin is going dark because sunburn, I feel that my place has three suns which shine together hahaha *kidding* but it's really hot here. I've tried almost 2 weeks and I'm excited to show you how this essence works for me
The packaging is kind of essence bottle. I like the color, it's look sleek and classy. The bottle looks fragile but I think it wasn't too frail because sometimes I kicked the bottle and drop it but it was fine lalalalala
The pipette makes easiest way to apply this serum. I have some essences which has different packaging. There are pipette, push of  and just usual bottle. I prefer the pipette one because it was easy to measure amount of them.
They said that this essence can make your skin feels moisturized, more radiant and refined immediately. For long term uses, it can fade spots, make skin fairer, more radiant and improve skin texture. I'm pessimistic person if it related to whitening products because I have experience with many beauty products which promise me with whitening or brightening benefit. However, it usually didn't work for my skin. My skin didn't improve at all, just so-so *arrrgh* But, Let's see this baby XD
I think that 30 ml is enough size for essence. It will run maybe about 3 or 4 months. They claims it uses for day and night, so do I *lol*. I use for current day and night routine. 
I just said "waw" when I read that White Perfect Laser has new innovation technology with 3 actives ingredients which known to deliver efficient and powerful whitening action. I'm not really understand what are they *you can read above* but I hope it will make my face turn like Dian Sastro, nyahaha. FYI, Dian Sastro is brand ambassador of L'oreal Paris Indonesia.
This is the essence looks. I tried to show you a real look, because it's transparent so I put it in tissue. The essence is thin liquid, not thick at all. It's kind of moisturize the skin when it's absorb into skin but sometimes I feel it little bit sticky for a while after I put essence. It takes a times to be absorbed well into my skin so I must wait maybe two minutes to ensure it get into my skin well before put another layer of skin care. The smell is good, tend to flowery smell, but I can't describe it specifically. It didn't give instant brighten effect after uses, but I feel it moisturize my skin a lot. My skin type is oily combination in T zone area. I think the moisture ingredients're very good for dry skin.
How it's going after two weeks? The visible notice is my dark spots is going to fade. When I saw my face at a mirror I just feel my dark spots is fade. But after I saw before and after pictures, waw, it was really happen! They are really faded. Btw, I didn't edit my picture at all, but I took in different light condition. Like I mention before, Yes it moisturize my skin a lot that's mean my skin more refined. My skin texture just moisturized but  it didn't improve well because sunburn caused huge pores. I hate this, so in a hot day my pores was going to large *scary, right?* This essence didn't react anything about pores. I know it's not for pores problems. How about my skin tone? I think my skin  is fairer than two weeks ago. I have uneven skin because I'm using hijab but every night I look at mirror it's already reduced *i'm so happy*. However, in a hot sunny day *lol* my skin still looks dull because huge pores, I think. Based on the claims, it works for making skin more radiant, refined, moisturized and also fade dark spots.


- Has a pipette to take essence
- has thin liquid texture and the smell is nice
- moisturize skin immediately
- fading dark spots
- make skin refined
- reducing uneven skin tone
- easy to get, you can find at the dept store like Matahari or many drug stores in Indonesia

- takes bit minutes to be absorbed well into skin, I hate this when I'm in hurry morning situation
- first feeling it's sticky but after the essence is absorbed the sticky feeling gone

I know reducing pores isn't benefit of this product so I feel unfair is I count in to the "cons" part, even if my skin become dull when my face turn into frying pan with huge oil *lol* and my pore will open greater *hating this part*. Fine, let's skip my struggle pores problem, this essence is good for you who is wanting to brightens, moisturize, refine skin and especially fading dark spots. I can see visible result in two weeks. I think that's suitable for dry and oily skin. The essence is moisturize a lot so it's good for dry skin but oily skin need a moisturizer too and it wasn't make my face oily. However I don't know how about sensitive skin.
How about you gals? What is your favorite whitening essence? comment below and let me know yours^^
Have a nice day



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  1. Harganya berapaan ini say? 30ml kl STE bs hbs sebulan di aku hahaha

    1. kayanya sih harganya sekitar 180-200 deh, ini teksturnya agak thick sih dibanding STE, kl aku pakai FTE sih 10ml sekitar 3minggu -1 bulan hehehe

  2. buat ngilangin bekas jerawat bagus ini atau fte ya mbak??


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