Welcome 2015!

January 02, 2015

Hi, I can't believe that now we're in 2015. I feel very blurry about my live :( I don't know what I feel right now. Every years I was excited for welcoming new year with new resolutions. Of course I still wrote and made a big plan for 2015 but I have no spirit to pass this year. I know I must be very grateful about my achievement in 2014 but sometimes happiness is a simple thing, not great job, not money nor be popular. Everyday I tried to write 5 things what make me happy today but it didn't really work. I get down and down again. I feel annoyed to my self right now and just say to my self

Brave your live, it's gonna tough year but someday I will thank for every chance that Allah gives to me

I wrote my 2014 resolution in here and I will evaluate it XD
1. Mengurangi makan mie instan (less to consume instant noodle)
2. Tidak melewatkan sarapan (I don't skip breakfast)
3.Masak sendiri minimal 3 kali seminggu (Cooking by myself a least 3 times a week) *failed*
4. Kurangi begadang ( I must get enough sleep) *failed*
5. Jangan lupa cuci muka dipagi hari (don't forget to clean face in the morning)
6. See progress for skin care routine products
7. Less makeup *I don't know :P*
8. Save my money for buying more skin care products than full coverage foundations or good concealers *maybe*
9. Improve my eye makeup skill, yeah XD *failed*
10. Improve quality picture and video on my blog   *yay, I bought a new camera last month*
11. Improve writing skill in English *failed, my English skill still so-so*
12. Lebih rajin bikin postingan (writing blog post frequently) *failed*
13. Lebih rajin blog walking ( I promise for blog walking frequently) *failed, I was too busy :P *
14. More FOTD *failed*
I was success 5 from 14, hahahaha. However I got some things that I'm grateful in 2014. It wasn't something big but I'm very thankful to Allah *I can write it because in 2014 I didn't write my personal resolution in my blog :p*

So, My 2015 resolution are
1. Be happier person
2. Moving on from friends and family who always make my day. I'm so far away from them *lebay*
3. Realize that my passion doesn't fit in here
4. Moving on from my favorite places, my shoes, my dresses, my makeup stuffs, and my habits *lol*
5. Moving on from my part time jobs which I like
6. Saving a lot and invest more because I'm moving to a new place for earning money so I should be able to value the money *lol*
7. Working hard for my new projects *I'm still being a great dreamer :P*
8. Be a good blogger *always and always every year* 
9. Become a caring and grateful person
10. Caring and loving myself :3 If I get a stress I will not care about myself. So, I will getting fatter, my skin and my hair getting worse. I will manage my stress and I won't let that happens to myself. I must be prettier,hehe 
11. Traveling to Sentarum lake and Kuching XD
12. Improving my English skill, grammar and conversation
13. Improving my photography skill, can anyone teach me? :D
Sorry, If I complain much in here but I just want to write it because I feel my head will explode :P. Anyway, you can skip this post hehe. Welcome 2015!!!!



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