Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Review

January 12, 2015

Hola, How's your day? Hope it's fine :) I have so many draft posts from last year because I was busier in the end of 2014, I had a lot of things to do. So, here it is, I will write for you about newest products from Etude House. Etude House released products with theme "Cushion Make-Up" in October 2014 *late review,huh*. 
Beside Magic Any Cushion, Etude House also introduced  Play 101 Pencil, Play Nail, Color Lips Fit, Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet, Every Mont Cleansing Foam and Skin Note Mask. Sorry, If I just took a picture from makeup collection. I will review in different part because it would be long and bored if I write in one article XD
Let's start with Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion.
I've wrote the old etude house precious mineral any cushion (link). When I saw the packaging, it was same as the old one. I asked to my friend who came at the event " Is that the newest product? because it looks same as the old one,hehe". But, let's see why is so special than the old one,hehe.
New magic any cushion has 3 shades^^  
Magic Pink (Healthy Skin Look): it's formulated for pale skin and it will make your skin looks fresher and brighter.
Magic Mint (Mild Skin Look): it's formulated to even your skin tone for who has redness problem.
Magic Peach (Bright Skin Look): it's formulated to even your skin, who has dull skin problem.
I got Magic Pink shade. I was curious with magic peach because I think that my skin is yellow undertone and magic pink prefer for pink undertone.
Magic Any Cushion is base makeup revolutionary with cushion. The new one has Cushion Cell-Trap technology, which call precious any cushion. Magic Any Cushion has a 6 in 1 function, which are brightens, correcting skin tone, protecting your skin from UV, so it comes with SPF 34 PA++ , reducing wrinkles, refresh your skin and whitens skin. The packaging is so lovely because it comes with puff, so it's easy to apply :) 
The packaging is so nice with soft pink color. It quite bulky because it has two dual lids. However, I think it doesn't matter, if I bring that on traveling.

The first lid comes with a mirror and a sponge for application.
I don't really like the sponge. But, sponge is easiest way to apply this cushion. I must be so slowly to apply and build it up. If I was over doing to take it, a sponge can't absorb quickly. To much applied will leave chalky or cakey appearance. The texture is so wet so I think it's better if I applied thin layer of it. 
I though it was brilliant that made bb cream or foundation with cushion packaging. However I'm little bit skeptics because the old cushion didn't work good on me.
A lid below is house of cushion. Just press it, so it will come out easily. The good thing is you can change it with your favorite foundation or bb cream if it  runs out :P
Magic Pink
Etude House seemed to have changed the formula, it blends nicely on my skin than the old one. The texture is creamy and wet. The scent is fresh and nice like the old one. A new version is sheerer, which easier to build evenly than the old one. I prefer to used in thin layers. If I did double layers, it would look cakey. I pat slowly and evenly with the sponge all of my face and after that I pat with loose powder. It gives satin glowing finish. Any cushion will brighter dull skin and even out skin tone. If I used it indoor with AC, it will look nice and glowing until 5 hours. But it ruins faster if I used it outdoor.
I love how it looks on my face if I took a picture, but it was white cast when I took a picture with flash mode. My face looks brighter and glowing. Even though it's travel friendly and contain of SPF I prefer to use in special occasion because it's not suitable in summer like in Indonesia XD


- cute packaging. The appearance looks like a huge macaroon^^
- a packaging is travel friendly, comes with sponge and mirror
- it gives satin glowing finish in my face
- though it's wet and creamy, it build up nicely on my face in thin layer.
- the scent is so fresh and nice
- I must pat sponge slowly if I want it build up evenly. If I applied rapidly it will look uneven.
- Cakey if I applied more layer.
- Oil control is bad if I used in outdoor area

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