Etude House Play 101 Pencil and Play Nail Review

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Hi, I'm back with another product from Etude House, Play 101 Pencil. It's multifunction pencil which is used for eye liner, eyeshadow, lipsticks and blush on. Seems interesting, right? It has a lot of different colors and textures, like: creamy, matte, glossy, and shimmer. I got shade #16, pink, that matches so perfectly with my lipstick, Etude House color lips-fit, magical fit pink.
The box is so cute, isn't it? The most attracted to me from Etude House products is the packaging. they're freaking cute^^
The pencil is typically like usual eyeliner or lip liner but I never imagine it can use as a blush on.
You can see the color based on a color of bottom side. Maybe I want to purchase another colors because it's lightweight to carry on my makeup pouch. It was amazing when I go traveling and I just bring that pencils and I can use as eye liner, eye shadow, lip liner, and blush on. 
You can twist to dispense certain amount and twist back if you have done because I'm afraid it will broken. Of course, you can sharpen the pencil, but please be careful if you do that!
The texture is creamy and soft. It's also pigmented. This shade is matte finish but there are some texture and shade that you can choose. I want to purchase gold, black, white and fuchsia,hehe *I'm dying for this pencil*
I used as eyeliner and lip liner. I didn't expect to much about this pencil. Surprisingly, it wasn't only easy to blend but it didn't smudge at all on my eyes. They stay on my eyes until I removed my makeup in the end of the day. Anyway, I have oily eyelid.
Play 101 pencil as eye shadow. I mix with gold shimmering eye shadow for looking more vibrant *lol* Because the texture is creamy, it's little bit difficult to apply. I feel like drawing with crayon in my eyelids *lol*
As a blush on, the color didn't really come out but it gives natural glowing finish. I didn't seem using a blush on but my cheeks look blushing,hehe. If you ask, is that long lasting as a blush on? hmm, not really, my cheeks is easy to become oily so it has gone when I checked.
What I don't like is using as a lipstick. I prefer to use as a lip liner to make sure my lipstick is neatly, not as a lipstick. When I applied in whole lips it looks patchy, uneven, little bit cracking. I think this happens because the texture of pencil dries so quickly.
Etude House also released Play Nail with 57 solid colors and 29 glitter types. If you addicted to do nail art, it will be great to see how many variation that you can get. Unfortunately, I'm not nail art player,hehe. Glad, I got white, because it's safe color for nail XD
It dries quickly because the part that I hate is waiting nail polish dry. It also easy to remove *that's important to me* hehe. I can't say much about Etude nail polish because I'm rarely purchase nail polish. I didn't know which is good or bad,hehe *sorry*. FYI, they also has many variation textures like jelly, paint, and syrup, that's impressive if you like to experiment with your nail. Play nail also has DuPont brush, which easier to apply.



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  1. It's a lil bit to pink for my taste... hehehhe. But it looks really good on you tho...
    Nice review dear...

    Btw, aku baru aja ganti rumah dan alamat blog,
    kindly enough to follow me di my new page?
    Thanks dear...
    Happy New yearrrrr ya...
    All the best for 2015.


    1. yap, emang pink banget, sebenernya agak ga pede kl buat sehari-hari, too barbie *lol*


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