Etude House Color Lips Fit (PK001) Review

January 12, 2015

As I promised, I will review all newest products from Etude House which released last year^^. End of 2014, trend of lipstick is matte. People wasn't afraid used matte lipstick. I do love using matte lipstick so I would take care of my lips, like scrubbing lips once a week and using lip balm every day.
Etude House has released matte lipstick, it named Color Lips-Fit.
Color Lips-Fits is a liquid lipstick  that moistly glides onto lips with it's vivid color and finished off with a weightless powdery texture. The claim looks great, isn't it? The Direction also said shake it before use, I think is important to mention because I often forgot to shake it,hehe.
Can anyone read it for me? XD
I got Magical Fit Pink. Color Lips Fit has 6 shades, Magical Fit Pink, Silhouette Fit Pink, Fantasy Fit Pink, Dream Fit Coral, Wanna Fit Orange, and Perfect Fit Red. Some  friends said to me that the color is really good. I didn't really mention the color before, but it's so beautiful #eh.
Color Lips-Fit has flat and rounded tip  applicator. You would feel easier for applying matte lipstick with the applicator.

Omg, I love the vivid color so much. You must make sure that your lips in good condition if you want it looks nice onto your lips. Otherwise, it would look crack in your lips. It dries quickly and give matte powdery finish, which didn't leave stain in your glass if you drink,hehe. The color is so  vivid and pay off. It's long lasting as long as you didn't wash your lips with water. But, If you want to touch up after washing face or eat, I suggest to clean all the stain then put a lipstick in clean lips. If not, it will look blotchy or patchy. 
I called this color barbie lipstick color because it's very pink,hehe


- matte finish
- flat and rounded applicator, easier to apply
- the color is pay off and long lasting
- the packaging is so cute
- it dries quickly

- look crack in dry lips
- unhygienic applicator
- has trouble to touch up which make it looks patchy

I was crazy for matte lipstick. How about you?



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