Best Skin Care Products 2014

January 20, 2015

Hi, before January ends, I like to write best skin care products in 2014. I prefer to write best skin care than makeup products because I tried a lot of makeup products. That's why I can't decided which the best makeup products in 2014 *lol*. However, my skin can't lie which is better. When I was a teenager :P I have uncomplaining skin condition but now my skin has many problems. It because I heart makeup so much #lol, so I must invest my money to buy skin care products. 
Taraa... they're best skin care products in 2014 based on my version XD
Maybe in 2013, I didn't really concern about healthy lips but last year matte lipstick is being trend. Guess what! I'm a person who is following a trend,hehe. So if I want a pretty matte lipstick has pretty appearance in my lips I must take care of  my lips :P. I'm scrubbing my lips once a week and using a lip care as a day and night routine. My favorite lip care product comes from local brand, it's Sariayu Lip Care. It has a mint sensation that I like much and of course it gives moisture effect. The important thing is I can get it with very affordable price. You can check in
The part of skin care routine which I can't leave every week is scrubbing,hehe. I often wear face mask and of course I did scrubbing before it to exfoliate dead skin and make my skin smoother. Since I often  wear a mask, I prefer a less rough scrub. My favorite is also from local brand, Biokos Exfoliating Lotion. What I love much about this product is gives tight and smooth effect on my skin. Although, if you want  blackheads or whiteheads go away, you need rougher scrub.
Finally, I can't hold from the famous product from SK II, FTE (Facial Treatment Essence). If you ask why I took a travel size picture? because I purchased in travel size packaging. Until now, I've spent 10 bottle in travel size (10 ml). I want to buy a full size (75 ml) but I'm afraid the bottle is broken in shipment. If I live in Jakarta it doesn't matter, I just go to a mall and buy in SK II counter but I live in the place where I can't find a mall *lol* 
Many friends ask to me how it works in my skin but I was lazy to make a review because I don't have a real product *I mean in full size packaging*. However it was one of my favorite skin care in 2014. Favorite question that asked to me is "is that really make your skin like a crystal?" hohoho Of course not :P, but it helps to stabilize my skin. I often got a breakout and it can being worse and I hate it. It often happen because I  used so many products. But after I used FTE, my skin looks more calm. I still have breakout but not really worst. That's why I love this products though it didn't give crystal skin look effect to me *lol*
As usual, I tried a lot of mask products. And my favorite mask in 2014 is Mint Julep Masque. I won't talking much about this product because I've wrote the review, you can read here:
Yay, my best serum in 2014, Clinique repair laser focus,hehe. Even though I haven't had wrinkles yet, I like how it transfer into my skin. You also can read my review here:
Maybe that's not my favorite but it's what I needed the most for protecting my skin from UV. I tried a lot of uv protection products or sunblock but the texture is annoyed me, but it wasn't. Maybe you can read a bit review here:
And the last is Bioderma Sensibio H2O, this is my best makeup remover in 2014. How can you imagine I can remove my makeup with a water? I read a lot of blogger give a good rate about this product and so do I. I looveee it much :P Of course I've wrote a review about this product here:
Bioderma has another series for oily skin is Sebium H2O, I also love it. It didn't really matter to me for using Sensibio H2O or Sebium H2O,hehe

How about you? What are the best skin care products in 2014? I want to know yours, maybe I can't try it and it will be my new favorite products. Let me know ya :)



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  1. Wahhhhh... Another good review buat bioderma ya...
    Sepertinya waktunya mencoba....


    1. hahaha iya, banyak yg ngomong bagus, tadinya ga terlalu tertarik juga tp akhirnya coba juga dan suka XD

  2. Bioderma favorit aku juga. aku juga pake biokos exfoliate lotion, suka sama aroma nya :)

    1. Yaap si bioderma emg favorit ya xD iyaaa aroma herbalnya enak


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