Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator Review

December 31, 2014

Hi, today I will share about hair, hair and hair. Is that important to you? I believe that hair is important for boys or girls. I care about my hair, sometimes :P I love my long hair even I'm lazy to comb my hair almost everyday hahaha. But I always take care of it, If I don't, my hair is being tousled XD That's why I take a good care of my hair. My big problem about my hair is hair loss. My mom asked me to cut my hair but I don't really want to let it go,heheh So, I tried a lot of hair tonic or hair growth products. Thank you to Kaminomoto Indonesia, who introduce and sent me this product. They sent me shampoo, conditioner, and hair growth accelerator. I tried shampoo and conditioner in sample size and I really love it. They have mint sensation and a conditioner is really easy to wash, I mean it didn't leave sticky feeling in my back.
Hair growth accelerator is hair loss stimulates regrowth. It made from extracts of Kujin (Sophora Radix), Kurara (Sophora Angustifolia), Enmeiso (Isodon Japonicus) and Rosemary. I didn't have an idea about Kaminomoto's natural ingredients XD. I thought that they're plants which just growth in Japan.
Talk about the function, it's helping to stop hair loss and stimulate regrowth. The Kanzo extract also prevents inflammation of the scalp and keeps it healthy. I was excited to try it because my big hair's problem is hair loss. Honestly, there is a bundle of hair loss that I throw away every day. I guess that there're some possibilities that causes my hair problems:
  • I keep my hair under my hijab almost eight hours a day
  • my hair is too long, not really long but it's quite long for causing hair loss
  • the weather is really hot, I little bit notice, in rainy season my hair loss is reduced
  • I was coloring my hair XD
so, if I don't really take care of my hair, my hair become so tousled and dry T,T I can't skip to use conditioner after wash my hair even the times when I was too lazy to do hair treatment. If I didn't do that I must cut my hair because it become really really tousled until I can't split it with my fingers.
ups, sorry I just talked a lot about my hair problems. Back to hair loss problem and Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator :)
Kaminomoto is produced by Japan company since 1908 and now it distributed by PT. Best Brilliant Indonesia. When I saw the box, I thought that  it must have naturals ingredients because the design of box looks like a nice souvenir which made from wood,hehe
There are Japanese letter in the packaging, but you don't need to worry because it also has direction in English too :)
There are some extracts that I mention before :)
Packaging made from glass, typically hair tonic packaging. It is a fragile thing but I think that I don't need bring my hair accelerator if I go traveling, do you? XD A month ago, I brought it moving, I put it on my suitcase, I wrap it with protective plastic and it's still fine. The size is 150 ml, I use it almost everyday one until three drops. I put on cotton and I pat on my scalp.
This how the bottle tube looks :) It's easy to poured on cotton. The smell is really nice, strong of natural ingredients but it's nice. I love to smell it before I go to bed, so using a Kaminomoto hair growth is part of my night routine.
Does it really help to reduce hair loss? yaaa, I like it a lot XD my hair loss is reduced. Though it still happens but it's reduced *yay* Kaminomoto also helps my hair growth fast, I notice my bangs growth so fast. Maybe I hate it because I must cut my bangs more often than usual by my own, but it's good news, right? I'm not a pro of course but I didn't have times for cutting bangs to salon, hehe. Sometimes I put it not only on my scalp but on my hair too because I like the smell and cool sensation *lol*


- the smell is nice and loving a cool sensation
- helps reduced hair loss
- helps my hair growth faster than usual
- didn't cause dandruff and didn't make my scalp irritation
- difficult to find this product, maybe just available in drugstores in a big city

Take a good care of every inch of your body :) It reflects how do you love your self XD

Last, I want to say my deepest condolences to all families who've lost their loved ones in QZ8501 tragedy :( Lets pray for all victims *Al Fatihah*
Enjoy your last day in 2014 everyone :)



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  1. Yeah true that hairs are important for both boys and girls. I love my hairs, but sadly these days I am facing a great hair loss issue. Thanks for sharing tips for hair growth and Along with that I will buy best toppik hair products.

    1. very welcome goria^^ hope you've already found a hair product which will reduce ur hair problems :)

  2. Today Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by millions of people all over the world. As we see that a large number of peoples has the problem with their hairs problems like whiteness, blandness and weak hairs. So, bring a good Hair Regrowth medicine for you.

  3. Hi how long have you used this and how did it go for you ? Did you get new hair growth ? I am also having a real bad hair loss and I have seen this in stores.


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